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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Quick Grammar Lesson In The Car

Since the level of English is so poor in school, I have to find time to teach the kids English myself. One day, we were travelling in the car and I taught them when to use "much" and "many".

You use "much" for things you cannot count like the rain, sand, sugar etc. You use "many' for things you can count, like trees, lamp posts, people etc.

Then we had a game. We pointed out to things that we saw along the way and decided whether to use "much" or "many". The kids were happy with the game.

Suddenly the small one said.... "Mummy, the car is going fast and I can't count the trees so, its so "much" trees." Hehehe.

Grammar lessons can be fun. It need not be taught straight from a text book. It can be taught anywhere, anytime using real life examples. ;)


  1. Haha.. so cute your boy.
    Everything will be 'too much' to count when the car is zooming by.

  2. Ur boy is so cute, how old is he?

  3. haha...it always interesting, sometimes we get a bit "shocked" when talking to kids :)

  4. Zara's mummy,
    Sometimes we find the things they say so funny but there is a certain logic behind them. Haha.

    He is 5.

    Shocked, Surprised and very amused. :)

  5. LOL...well, you can't quite argue with that! What a great English lesson!

  6. Ann,
    Yah, you can't argue with that, which makes it really hard to explain. lol.


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