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Friday, October 21, 2011

Exams are Over

Finally, the kids final exams are over. Yahoo! No more exams till next year. What a relief. 

Keeping them physically well enough to sit for the final exams was a worry. The girl had a fever and was vomiting on Friday. She was to sit for her first few papers on Monday. So she had to go to the doctor's on Saturday. Fortunately she recovered in time and did not pass it to her younger brother. Phew!

Her brother said that there was a boy sitting near him who vomited twice on exam day. Poor boy! Even if they were sick, the kids have to sit for the exams. The teachers will arrange for them to sit for the tests but they have to do so in the teachers' room all by themselves. 

So the greatest pressure for us during exams is making sure the kids are healthy and get enough sleep! What about you? What is your greatest exam pressure. I'm directing this question to the parents, not the kids. Funnily, somehow the kids always look so relaxed. It is the parents who look more stressed that the kids. 


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