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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top Ten Tips for Helping Your Child With Revision and Tests

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Here are my Top Ten Tips for Helping your Child with Revision and Tests

  1. Establish good habits early. As soon as they start formal schooling, you should start teaching them good habits of revising and studying for tests.
  2. Teach your child to be organised. Go through the syllabus with them so they know what to study. 
  3. Set a time with no disruptions. If another child is distracting, separate them.
  4. Provide time for rest and snacks in between. Studying should not be seen as a chore.
  5. During the early years, sit with them if you can so that they know how to study or revise. I sat and studied with my 7 year old girl. Now at 9 she can revise on her own independently. She even chooses her own workbooks, goes through them on her own and marks them herself.
  6. Make sure your child gets enough rest and sleep.
  7. Teach them exam techniques. This can make a big difference. A child who is 7 is not too young to learn exam techniques. He or she should be taught about the importance of time keeping and checking through their work. This is one of the good habits mentioned in Tip No. 1 above.
  8. Do a mock test at home so they know what to expect.
  9. No last minute studying. The night before the exam is a time for relaxation. We often go to the park and run about. Remind them that they have worked hard for the tests and they need not worry.
  10. Most importantly, remind your child that no matter what marks they bring home, it does not matter and you will not love them any less. Tell them that what matters is not the marks but the effort.
Do you have any revision tips to share? Please leave your test taking tips in the comment box. Thank you.


  1. I like the tips number 10 the most. Thanks for sharing. I really love all the tips..


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