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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Online Animated Diwali Stories For Kids

Here are a couple of Diwali Stories for Kids which you can find online.

1. From Learn English Kids a British Council site - an excellent Online Diwali Story for Kids. I love the interactive fireworks game at the end of the story. It will get anyone in the festive mood for sure!

2. Here is another Animated Diwali Story For Kids from the National Grid For Learning. It includes an interactive part where kids can rearrange the story. (Updated: This post was originally written in 2012. Unfortunately this link no longer exists in 2014. However, I have found a replacement Diwali Story For Kids below. I hope you enjoy it with your kids. You can also go to my latest post Happy Diwali 2014 for the latest Diwali video, Diwali craft idea and Diwali Greeting Card apps suggestions.

3. The Story of Diwali For Kids can be found on  the website of Snaith Primary School.

4. Finally, you can enjoy this Diwali Song for Kids on YouTube.

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