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Monday, October 17, 2011

Float or Sink Science for Kids

I've been helping my 7 year old study for his Science Test. This year his syllabus is different from that of his sister two years ago. At the time, his sister had to know what floats and what sinks and that is all.

However, much to my frustration, this year's Science Syllabus requires him to know what will make an object that sink, float and what will make a sinking object float. It is a real headache! Even I couldn't figure it out some of the time.

So much to his delight, we have to tie objects together and run to the sink to experiment. We had to first test out whether the object sink or float individually, then tie them up together and see what happens. The results weren't always the same and it was confusing for him because sometimes what sinks or floats also depends on the size, shape etc of the object and not only on the object material. I don't think he understands the object density and buoyancy at this age. Why can't they keep it simple? Arrggh!

Anyway, here is something simple and easy to understand for kids just learning about Float and Sink Science. Check it out. It is a cute animated story from BBC Schools, my favourite Educational Site for Kids. Nash's Adventures is suitable for kids age 5-7.

Check out my Squidoo Lens for more Science Games and Activities for Kids.

1 comment:

  1. I think the people who make up the syllabus are getting bored. That's why they think up of such things.


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