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Monday, October 31, 2011

Shoes with Laces

Recently my boy went on a school day trip. This dunce of a mummy let him wear shoes with laces on them. He can do his own laces but sometimes he is a bit slow. So, I tied up his shoelaces extra tight and sent him on his way with a new cap bought just the night before for his trip because he had outgrown his old cap.

We had a good time choosing his cap and boy, this little one was fussy. He wanted the navy one which made him look 'handsome' and no other even though his parents advised him that he may be hot because of the thick material of the cap.

Anyway, back to his shoes. What I didn't expect was he had to remove his shoes! I vow never to let him wear shoes with laces again for a day trip. Silly me.

I had thought that he would have been happy and excited to tell us about his trip. Instead he appeared dejected. So we had to question him and this was the reply...

  • Mummy, it was so hot, I was sweating like mad! And the Cap made me sweat even more. (See, I told you son?)
  • Mummy, it was hot outside but so cold in the bus. Hot Cold Hot Cold
  • Mummy, I was scolded because I was slow in eating
  • Mummy, the vegetables we ate for lunch was worse than the ones you make at home
  • Mummy, I wanted to buy something but I didn't have enough money because I only saw it later. I got these. Here's the change. You can keep it. I don't want to waste money.
  • Mummy, I went to the toilet. I had to walk down steps to go to the toilet and there were other big boys in there who were not in the trip and they disturbed me. They were noisy and threw things at each other. The toilet was soooo dirty!
  • Mummy, I had to remove my shoes and it took me some time to tie my shoelaces back.
We told him that it was a good thing he went for the trip and he learned some important lessons in life. That outside, sometimes, you have to fight for yourself and it isn't always so comfortable as at home or as safe the way mummy and daddy try to make sure whenever he goes out with us.


  1. A day trip is a good exposer for kids, I reckon. They will learn to be more independent too.

  2. Haha..your son is vain. But at least now he knows that you're right. Hopefully he will take your advice next time. My girl's school trip is coming soon too. No shoes with laces..luckily. hehe.

  3. Wait till they know more about outside world..


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