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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Game for Teaching Kids to Tell the Time

Today, I made a Squidoo Lens on Teaching Kids to Tell Time. I've included lots of resources in it for teaching kids to tell time. While I was researching which resource is best for teaching kids to tell time, I came across this delightful game for teaching kids to tell time. It is from BBC- KS1 Bitesize Games.

I love all the BBC Kids sites. They are absolutely marvelous for teaching kids and they are free! Anyway, here is the telling time game for kids. It is called Clockworks. Kids are supposed to help the two characters in the game, Max and Molly fix the tower clock by telling the time. This telling time game has three levels, medium, hard and very hard.

I created the Teaching Kids to Tell Time lens for my 7 year old who is still struggling with his ability to tell the time. He knows how to tell the time but sometimes he gets mixed up so he just needs more practice, that is all. However, he does struggle with learning the time syllabus in Chinese while his parents try to teach him in English.

However, I must say that the Clockworks game to help children tell time is more suitable for my 9 year old because it requires the player to calculate the time forwards. It is more suitable for advance learners rather than for learners who are just learning to tell the time.


  1. Wah macam-macam la you. I super like your blog..hehe.

  2. Thank you Carolyn, you are too kind. :)


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