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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chinese Characters Pictographs or 象形字

One of the most interesting thing about learning Mandarin is how Chinese Characters evolved to what it is today. Sometimes kids are asked to identify the Chinese Characters Pictograph during examinations to see if they recognize a certain ancient form of a Chinese character. This helps children picture words and visualize them. It helps in the identification of modern Chinese words as you see them today. Of course simplified Chinese characters are so simplified that you sometimes do not see the connection. However, you can sometimes see or view the Chinese character pictographs in your mind when reading traditional Chinese characters.

Here are a few sites with a list of Chinese Character Pictographs for kids and adults who are learning Mandarin.

First, here is a simple introductory video of Chinese Characters Pictographs or Pictograms.

Next, I also like this very comprehensive Chinese Characters Pictograph List from chuansong.me. You will find this reference most useful. Even kids in secondary school level are sometimes asked how a certain Chinese Mandarin character looked liked in the past before it evolved into the present Chinese Character. This list will come in handy then.

Here is another 象形字 list that is just as comprehensive from hxlsw.com

With the above two lists of Chinese Character Pictograms you will be able to look up many Ancient Chinese Characters.

While this is a free printable worksheet of Chinese Pictograph Mandarin Characters for those just starting to learn Chinese.

Remember to bookmark this page. You will need it when your kids are sitting for Chinese tests with Chinese pictograph questions.


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