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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Website That Teaches Bahasa Malaysia In A Simple And Fun Way

Learning Bahasa Malaysia in a simple and fun way. That is what this website (Bahasa Malaysia Simple And Fun) promised and it delivers exactly that. I love the drawings and cartoons done personally by the author of this website that teaches Bahasa Malaysia in a simple and fun way. I love the humour and the fact that it teaches Bahasa Malaysia in English. Yes, it is a teaching Bahasa Malaysia site for English speakers. It helps a lot. The humour and cartoons help a lot too.

Take for example, this cartoon on Kata Ganda. After showing it to my kids, now they remember the character and all the kata ganda used to describe him. It's so funny and original. Below is an example of the cartoon you will see on the site. You will have to surf over to the site to see the beginning of the cartoon and the answers based on the kata ganda like calar-balar, comot-momot, compang-camping, kusat-masai and more (the kinds that they're always asking during tests).

Image Credit: Bahasa Malaysia Simple And Fun

Then look at this one on Kata Kerja. The simple cartoon can have you in stitches while helping you remember all the "kata kerja" like menjinjing, menatang, menggalas  etc (the ones that they're so fond of asking all the time during tests. Have I said that?)

While the website aims at the adult learner. Kids can learn a lot from this site too which includes simpulan
bahasa, pepatah, tatabahasa. There is also a section on local fruits and flowers and everything seem so familiar and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when reading and viewing the pictures on the site. I'm familiar with many of the local fruits, flowers and customs as described on the site but my kids aren't. So this is a good way to introduce it to them.

I love this website that teaches Bahasa Malaysia in a simple and fun way. The author and owner of the website is Wan from Kota Kinabalu. That's a self portrait of Wan I found on her site. It's really cute, just as the rest of the site is. I highly recommend this site. 

Oh by the way, Wan didn't pay me to write this. She (I think she's a woman because I saw reference to that on the site although the self caricature looks like a man) doesn't even know me.

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