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Monday, April 27, 2015

What Will BM Penulisan For UPSR 2016 be like?

Read our latest article UPSR 2016 New Format updated on 29 September 2015.

My son just brought back his most recent BM Penulisan paper. He is in SJKC.

I noticed a few differences in the BM Penulisan paper compared to previous years.

For this BM Penulisan paper which incorporates the HOTS (KBAT) style of questioning he had to answer questions in the following format.

Part A = Passage (Petikan) with 4 questions. Subjective answers required. 1 mark each for the first two questions. 2 marks for question 3 and 4 marks for question 4 which is a KBAT question - Total 8 marks

Part B = Bina 5 Ayat based on given words (No graphics given) - 10 marks

Part C = 4 scenarios or situasi given. Students must indicate what they will do in each situation (What will you do?) - 2 marks; then state which nilai murni it is referring to (Which nilai murni?) - 1 mark. That means 3 marks per question - Total 12 marks

Part D =  3 choices of karangan. Write one in not less than 80 words - 30 marks

My analysis - Part A not too difficult accept for the last KBAT question. Part B harder compared to the previous sentence making questions. No graphic clues. Only words which includes kata adjektif and kata nama besides kata kerja. Previously students should  know their kata kerja well to make sentences from given graphics. Part C is also harder. Although not required to write a passage of 40 words on the nilai murni, the student  must write what he thinks is the best thing to do under the given circumstances. (Previously students memorized the penanda wacana for the nilai murni so the passage was not too difficult to write). Part D also got harder from 60 words to 80 words.

This appears different from some of the articles on UPSR 2016 BM Penulisan Formats I've read like this for example.

The previous format was as follows:

Bahagian A - Bina 5 ayat based on given graphics - 10 marks

Bahagian B - 3 choices of karangan given. Write one in not less than 60 words - 30 marks

Bahagian C - Write 4 nilai murni from a given passage. Not more than 40 words. - 20 marks

HOTS = High Order Thinking Skills
KBAT = Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi

So the question is what will BM Penulisan For UPSR 2016 be like? Did your child sit for a BM Penulisan Paper recently? What was it like? Just curious whether it was different from school to school.


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