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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mind Map On Energy Year 5 Science KSSR Syllabus

This is part 2 of my earlier post on the same topic SJKC Year 5 KSSR Science on Energy.

I've been exploring various ways to make "notes" to make my teaching more interesting and memorable. In the previous post on SJKC Year 5 Science on Energy, I created bilingual slides using Haiku Deck and Slideshare. That was an interesting experiment with very nice results.

This time, I've used the mind mapping app called Inspiration Maps which I downloaded on my iPad. I'm using the free version, so I only have 5 mind maps I can do but that's ok, I can reuse them by editing. The app does not allow deletions for the free version, so you can't delete and recreate to fulfill your 5 minimum quota. I hope the developers won't disallow edits once you're done as that will mean that my 5 limit will be gone in no time. :(

Anyway, this is the mind map I have created for the topic on Energy for the Year 5 Science following the KSSR syllabus. The KBSR syllabus has the same thing too with slight variations so it applies for both. Sorry, I can't provide the pdf for printing since the pdf format is only available to paid users. (I use a lot of apps and I can't afford to pay for all of them so I usually stick to the lite or free versions only).

Feel free to bookmark this page to show it to your Std 5 child when learning this Science topic on Energy. This time I am using only English instead of bilingual as it is a little bit tiring for me to translate and provide the Chinese words for SJKC students. However, studying Science is all about learning concepts. The child can learn concepts first and then learn the language. So you can teach in English and then have the child translate the important terms to Chinese for SJKC or Bahasa Malaysia for SK. This speeds up understanding, comprehension, retention and memory especially if the child is used to or more comfortable in using English.

You can create mind maps or rather visual diagrams like this too using the Inspiration app. It is very easy to use. You can just use  your fingers to move the diagram around. You can use a search tool to select relevant pictures which are available within the app or use photos from your own device or camera. You can change the arrows, the shapes, the colors. You can add notes. The diagram can also be turned around to have the notes in line by line text format with headings and sub headings. You can hide the visuals for the sub-headings while you are teaching etc. It is a very interesting app to use for teaching. What you see here is just the static image but what you have on the app is more dynamic as I just described so if you have the time, you can create your own visual diagrams. If not, just use mine. 

Coming next: Bilingual Slide Share on the Year 5 Science Topic on Characteristics Of Light. I've done 18 bilingual slides on the topic on Haiku Deck. Check it out.


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