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Friday, April 24, 2015

Standard 5 Science KSSR Chapter 6 Characteristics Of Light

As promised in my previous post, here is the slideshow for the topic on Characteristics Of Light which is covered in the KSSR syllabus in Chapter 6 of the Standard 5 Science textbook for SJKC. I prepared this for my boy but feel free to use this with your kids.

I have done the slides in two languages, English and with Mandarin translation (I used google translate, pleco and other translation apps to translate the words since I don't know Chinese). I have also included the pinyin. This is because I don't know Chinese and my boy's Chinese is not very good. So, this is helpful for us. Please note that the Chinese and pinyin serve merely as a general guide to us and may not be hundred percent accurate since I am relying on translation software and books, not from personal knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

I have tried to follow the textbook as closely as possible so that it is more relevant for the Year 5 students. You will find this very useful because it is not easy to find bilingual material that closely follows the school KSSR Year 5 Science syllabus.

The topics include:

  • How Light Travels
  • Formation Of Shadows
  • Reflection Of Light
  • Applications Of Reflection Of Light
  • Refraction Of Light (Refraction of Light was not previously covered in the KBSR syllabus so if you get an old workbook, you may not find this part included)


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