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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Food of Love

No. I'm not talking about chocolates.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I think that has some truth and the way to little children's hearts is through their little tummies as well but, not my man. He is one of those who eats to live whereas I live to eat. I love food. I think its my dad's fault.

You see, when I was young, after my mum passed away, dad was the closest to me because the others were a little more grown up and I was still young enough to dote on. His job as a detective meant that he often worked late. And me, being the night person that I am, often waited up for him. He would come home with little tidbits (supper actually) for me which I loved. Sometimes he would bring home some special sandwiches or steamed chicken drumsticks or noodles and we would enjoy them together.

Dad knew that I loved prawn fritters (still do) and he would take me to various places to try them out. At last we found one restaurant which served heavenly fritters and we would often go there to eat. I guess thats how dad showed his love to me.... through food. So its dad's fault that I love food so much.

I see the same thing happening with Mr MG and toddler now. Mr MG often buys toddler her favourite little cakes and doughnuts which she loves just to see her little face light up in delight. I think we all celebrate love through food. Fathers buy food for little ones, mums labour over their food of love and many love relationships begin over dinner.

Ahh...food. Don't underestimate its significance/power. I remember being angry with Mr MG once when we were dating because I was feeling sick and felt very much like being pampered, was hoping that he would come over to see me and buy some cooling porridge for me but for some reason he didn't and I didn't feel loved cos I didn't have my food!

One guess what I'll be having for lunch today? (No prizes for winners). Why, prawn fritters of course!


  1. yes, I do believe wat to man heart thru his stomach ahh..hehe..
    But got disadvantage oso lah..Previously cook many tasty food for fatty...now he choose food ler..very yim chim ...

  2. Not my spouse.. like MrMG .. he too eat to live.. :(
    Not many food impresses him.. i donch think.. and i really donch know if he would bring chloe from one place or another to get her favourite food.. he just isn't that kind.. i think. BUT .. i may be wrong.. so we'll see.

  3. thank you master. i have learnt my lesson. :)

  4. Very useful tips; I agree absolutely on the buying a little something part.

  5. I agree with MG! :)

    And i think food unites the ppl. I like having gathering with friends for dinner. We talk, we eat, we have fun! :)

  6. msau, yim chim very headache wan. hehe.

    mrsT, mine isn't the kind too but you just wait, Chloe will have her little finger all wrapped around daddy in no time at all, you'll see.

    belachan, you're supposed to take a bow and say honourable master lah.

    fishtail, just a little something gets so much gratitude, delight and happiness out of the little ones.

    eileen, so when ru planning your next food gathering?

  7. wow...ur dad is a detective?

    sorry for the distraction ;) well im not too sure im which type. i can be quite yim chim oso...and i lurve junk food! but im learning to eat healthy la, hehe.

    nevertheless, food does not rly play an important role in my house...hmmm, guess we're more to the eat to live type yet picky =P

  8. autummusic, he's retired for many years now. Its sounds like a wow but its not a very nice job for the wife (mum) to be constantly worried about his safety.

  9. MG: we just had one last night! steamboat! :)

  10. Eileen, I dare not try to eat steamboat with baby and toddler in tow. Donch think I would get to eat anything unless there are volunteers to carry and walk the kids around while I eat. Wanna volunteer?


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