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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My New Toy

I've got a new toy. Woohoo! Its a juicer. In our quest to improve our health we've decided to drink more homemade juices. I've been having lots of fun with it. So far, I've tried mixing, apples, pears and oranges. The results? Yummy! Grapes and pears? Another yummy! Carrot and Celery is not bad too. We drink our juice straight, with lots of fruits, very little water added and no sugar or salt of course. Very healthy. I peel the skin of the fruits away to remove any pestides residue and core the fruits to make sure they are clean. Lots of work but its worthwhile. I also wash my juicer immediately after use each time. After this, I won't be drinking any more fruit juices outside anymore as it is expensive and probably not half as clean.

We bought out juicer about a month ago, during the Mother's Day promotions although we've been browsing around and thought about buying one some time before that. Before that we thought of just using the blender as we've read that its just as good. Well, I found out for myself that its not. A blender is a blender and a juicer a juicer. The results or yield is very different. So far so good. We've upped our intake of fruits and vegetables though I haven't been that adventurous with juicing vegetables yet.

After buying the juicer.....

Mr MG: Thats your Mother's Day present dear. (looking a bit sheepish becos women aren't supposed to like household appliances as gifts mah)

MG: Wow! Thanks.

Mr MG: Its a good gift what. See? See! It says Mother's Day promotion. (still looking sheepish and pointing to the signboard)

MG: Did I say its not a nice gift? Its great! Better than last year. Last year I got 3 rotiboy.

Mr MG: You did?

MG: Yup. You came home with 3 roti boy and said Happy Mother's Day. This one is from me, one is from toddler and one from baby. Forgot already ah?

Mr MG: Hehehe.

MG: Hehehe. Now I know what to get you for Father's Day. I'll make you some homemade fruit juice. Hehehe.

Mr MG: *---------*

Tip: Secret Ingredient in a fruit juice = apple/pears to sweaten things up a bit. Secret Ingredient in a Marriage = laughter to spice things up a bit.


  1. Hi I'm sansan, sebastian's mommy. Mr MG so smart ya, a juicer as mother's day present, a lot cheaper than gold chain or diamond. :)

  2. good one, good one...lol...what brand of juicer Mr. MG bought? I got one too messy to use, gave up for so long liao.

  3. Woo, I had a juicer too and I was buying carrots, apples, starfruits, etc like nobody's business, drinking pure fruit juices morning, afternoon, and night. Then it got messy (and I got lazy cos you got to wash the fruits first and cut them into pieces). After so much work, I only get to drink half a cup :( Now, given up already.

  4. Hi Sansan, MG even smarter, make fruit juice for Father's Day, even more cheapo...

    twinsmom, its Panasonic. My whole house everything National Panasonic one. Mr MG very brand loyal type. I guess that means he won't change wife also. Haha.

    fishtail, I cut about 6 fruits and this usually yields about 2-2.5 cups of pure juice, with some added water, thats enuf for the whole family so its worth the effort and I rinse the juicer immediately after so its much easier to wash. You drink morning, noon and night, Haha, no wonder tired after a while.

  5. hahah the conversation is a good one! next time National Panasonic can get you guys to do advertisement for them LOL!

  6. Rotiboy for present? *lol*

  7. wah...nice "upgrade", from rotiboy to juicer.

    *Clap hands*

    My juicer has been sitting in the cabinet for 4 years (wedding present). I don't even know if it works or not. Maybe I'll go home today and try it out. Hahahah...MG, you give me inspirationlah.

  8. Panasonic brand? Can post picture, ah? Or model no? Thanks ;)

  9. rotiboy oso good lah..my 1st mother day..words oso don have..:'(

    Is the juicer got filter wan ahh? or u drink together with fruit meat ler?

  10. Next year Mr MG must get a Kancil Myvi for you already lah.

  11. momof2, they must pay me first!

    Jason, it was the first time I tried it but auntie give you a tip hor... I would rather have rotiboy from an involved hubby who's always there for me and the kids than diamonds and pearls from one who is always away golfing, on business trips and away on nighttime entertainment.

    Along, go try lah.. then share recipe. hehe.

    bkworm, I lazy to take pic. Wait ah, I go and check the model. Its Panasonic MJ-70M. Quite easy to remove for cleaning. Thats the most important criteria I think as well as the yield.

    msau, I first Mother's Day words oso donch have as well... hehe. slowly upgrade loh. But seriously gifts are not important, its the thought right? And to answer your question, yes its got a filter so no need to take the meat/pulp part.

    MrKiasi, don't make me daydreamlah... Its my b'day today yunno. Donch know whether Mr MG got get me anything or not? (*Dream dream*) Hehehe.

  12. Nice .. MG,
    But lots of work..?? I know i have to get one soon.. just because of Chloe.

  13. We have a juicer too and once in awhile we do have nice juicies to drink; if mrs is free to make the juice.hahaha

  14. Congratulations! :) We have a juicer at home, thanks to Mae's mom - but we never really use it anymore coz cleaning it is a pain!

  15. We got juicer at home but when they baby we use alot..now very lazy to make juice cause they so disturbing when i make something for them. This call mommy that one need mom mom (eat)..haiz..no time for that :(

  16. a&a'smom7:23 AM, June 16, 2005

    MG, I think it's a great health gift. So here's to a healthier u & ur family. We also do alot of juicing esp for the boys.

  17. MrsT, Yah lots of work becos of cleaning up the fruits and the juicer. There are of course those which allows you to put the whole fruit in without cutting up but I geli... I've seen ppl in supermarkets put whole fruits in with skin without washing and once with the label/tag on the fruit going in the juicer as well! *pengsan*

    thquah, you don't know how to use your juicer? tsk.tsk.tsk. ;PpP

    james, you should drink more juice to "detox" since you're on a diet. Quickly get the juicer out! Hehe.

    1+2mom, my toddler will run around the house screaming at the top of the house and baby will raise his arms and scream along with her whenever I run the juicer cos its so loud they are a bit afraid, so they turn it into a screaming game to drown the sound. So everytime I make juice, sounds like child abuse going on in my house.

    a&a'smom, we've been looking around for a while so its not really a "gift" buden when you're a sahm everything that hubby buys for the home/you is a gift so its Mother's Day all year round. Haha.

    Crazygrrl, thanks for dropping my blog and thanks for the sweet comment. :)

  18. Mr B has been talking about getting a juicer for some time as we hardly take fruits. Hmmm, might just do it....
    haha, must be quite a sight, the littles ones running around screaming.

  19. Ya. MrsB, baby can't run around yet but he will raise his arms, make little fists and scream at the top of his voice while his sister runs around screaming at the top of hers. Really noisy in addition to the loud whirring of the juicer.

  20. Hey MrsB, anon above is me. Hehe.

  21. do you need to brush the filter when cleaning? really leceh cleaning-lah. and it seems so wasteful to throw away the pulp. you know what else to do with them??
    have you tried a mix of green apple, carrot, celery, beetroot and orange? very nice, and you get your daily serving of vege and fruit in one go!

  22. kc, I no need to brush the filter becos the one I'm using has a filter brush that I can insert and run the machine to clean up so its easier. I've read about beetroot but have not tried. How does it taste?

  23. Can't really taste the raw beetroot in the juice. It's masked by the apple and orange juice - I tend to put more of this two fruit because it's sweet. Makes the juice a beautiful red colour - very tempting to drink! Can also eat boiled beetroot - cook like a potato. Just don't cut off the top too much, otherwise the colour will bleed into the water. A very nice and sweet vegetable. Texture a little bit like white lobak when cooked.

  24. Thanks KC for the wonderful description. Think I'll try it out this weekend. :-)


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