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Monday, June 27, 2005

Jigsaw Puzzle

Second Sister: "Your girl is old enough to play with Jigsaw Puzzles now. Why don't you get her one? It will give her hours of fun."

MG: "Really ah?" (*eyes lights up* - Hours of fun for toddler = hours of free time for MG.)

Second Sister bought a puzzle for toddler during her recent 3rd birthday and MG found out that hours of fun for toddler did not translate to hours of free time for MG. (Aiyah! Parents where got free time one!) Anyway this is what happened:

Toddler: *throw throw throw* jigsaw pieces
Baby: *bite bite bite* jigsaw pieces
MG: *pick pick pick* jigsaw pieces

Recently, Mr MG noticed that toddler has been piecing the parcels together correctly.

Mr MG: "Wah, our daughter so clever already. Can do the puzzle by herself. Maybe we buy her a new set and throw this one away as this one has missing pieces."

MG: "Don't you dare throw this one away."

Mr MG: "Why not?"

MG: "Because its her "money" and the only way she will eat her porridge gladly." (Toddler is a very picky eater and MG has deviced a new technique to get her to eat up. We put all her jigsaw pieces into a small handbag, just like Mummy's and pretend its her money. Then we play "Buy" during mealtimes.)

Mr MG: "You mean you pay her to eat?"

MG: "Eh! Of course not lah. Thats bribery! She pays me for the porridge." (If she pays 10 dollars to me than she gets 10 mouthfuls of porridge and the food gets eaten in no time at all. Not sure how long this new novelty will last before it wears off though.)

Hmm.... anyone got any other ideas how to get a picky eater to eat up, especially one that refuses to try any new foods? (*scratch head*) Baby is the total opposite of toddler though. He will eat anything. If you eat something in front of him without offering it to him..... boy oh boy oh boy.... that would make him so unhappy! So MG often has to hide somewhere in the house to curi-curi eat if its something that cannot be offered to him. Hehe.

PS. Parents. Hear ye. Hear ye. Theres another new father on the blog. Shall we all go over to his blog to say hello and welcome Orion to the world of blogging? Happy Blogging to you!


  1. *ai yah* your toddler satu macam with my Annabelle lar, and you so patience some more got "game" during feeding, I only have the energy to get one hand hold spoon one hand hold cane. have to learn this "game".
    then your Baby very much like Isabelle, sapu everything come to her path.

  2. My daughther loves jigsaw puzzles. Mrs. Orion has been giving her since she was 3. This Sept, she will be 4. She started with a 4 piece puzzle and went to 20 pieces in a week, it's amazing.

    She just started kindergarten, wakes up every weekday morning and tells me that she doesn't want to go to school. She was sobbing and wanting me to hug her. Sigh!

    Picky eater huh ? Have u tried the aeroplane approach ? Also, you can checkout babycenter.com. It has good a lot of good help there. I could not have survived parenthood without it. And yes, they have a parenthood.com for couples with toddlers.

  3. jigsaw puzzles...sure not the right time for SQ yet lah..unless I wan all puzzles become her snacks lah...
    hehe..eating & playing together tat wat ur toddler wan mah..hehe

  4. My son now play the online jigsaw puzzles..he can manage to put all the puzzle in proper way but the real puzzles he throw all over the place O.o

    About eat ar..my son like your toddler very hard to get him finish the food luckly my girls 'sapu' all the things we gave.

    Sometime the girls halfway dunwan to eat i gave them an ice cube to play. When they want to eat ice they must fast fast finish the food in their mouth so very fast finish the meal.

  5. Ai yah don't have toddler to compare.All are just fond memories only.

  6. Your toddler reminds me of myself. I was (and still am) a picky eater. My mum had to use the cane to scare me to eat. I never liked to try any new foods; always the same old boring ones. But think about it this way...low maintenance mahh..hehe...

  7. Wah, you ought to be a politikus or something. Kasi duit and ambik duit sama tau? Bad moral tau? Kahkahkah, who cares..., right. As long as got eat.

    My toddler is a tempayan so cannot offer any idea.

  8. Hahah...same situation in my house. How come like this?

    Dania refuses to eat rice. She can take up to 3 hours to finish a bowl of rice.

    Dina can not only finish her rice, but two farley biscuits, some peeled grapes, yogurt and juice all at once. All in 30 minutes.

  9. my sister is very choosy in her food.

    she has appetite for rice and meat and soup... even vege also she avoids. alil bit also cannot wan. see until also very geram. grr

  10. lol twinsmom, I must learn this "cane game" too.

    Orion, oic. your little daddy's girl there has you all wrapped up her tiny little finger. haha. Aeroplane, car, tanker whatever all I tried already unsuccessfully and yes I subsribed to babycenter newsletters from the time we were trying for babies till now. I still recall, its really funny. If you key in your monthly cycle dates, they even send you email reminders to tell you that "tonite" is the nite to make babies!

    msau, ya lor. toddler wants to play and baby wants to snack on the jigsaw so I get toddler to play inside her playpen so that baby can't get to the "snack".

    1+2mom, toddler also plays those online jigsaw. Now everything oso online, colouring, paperdolls (which I play oso. hehehe.), diary (blog)...

    thquah, nvm, you can recall good memories loh.

    cherry, "still am a picky eater" hmm...interesting. In that case maybe toddler got that trait from her daddy. (*MG finding somebody to blame*)

    5Xmom, shh..shh..donch tell everyone I ambik duit lah.

    Along, you forgot already ah. They got handphone to contact each other.

    Narrowband, you see oso geram. Wait till you have to feed...

  11. wah, so original. jigsaw puzzles as money for suap suap. wahkekekeke. so cute ;)

  12. Belacan, Playing during mealtimes not for fun yunno. Got hidden lesson there... can teach counting and numbers, commerce and trade... Khikhikhi.


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