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Thursday, June 16, 2005

My dad is my ......

Happy Fathers Day to my dad, baby and toddler's dad and all the dads out here on blogosphere.

Copyright Camilla Eriksson, MillanNet

I came across this rather cute cartoon which I'd like to share. I especially like the last picture "my dad is my shelter". It reminds me of how I like to watch baby and toddler in their dad's arms.

As we grow older than baby and toddlerhood, my dad becomes .... my financier, my chauffeur, my disciplinarian, my teacher, my provider, my advisor and many more things. Dads, just like moms, play a very important though slightly different role in our upbringing. Cheers to all the dads out there. Happy Father's Day Dads!


  1. Yes lo, my kids have sent me Happy Father's day card with very nice messages.I am so touch at least they still think of me.lol

  2. a&a'smom12:18 PM, June 16, 2005

    Hey that's a really neat pic! Must show to DH. My 2 boys will be making their cards on Fri

  3. Errr...I also write liao but sked to publish 'cos mine is too mushy. Now that MG did it, I kopikat la.

  4. what a cool animated gif!!! happy dad's day to all!

  5. Now I no need to make a card liao. Just send him this and gaodim. Hehehe...

  6. thquah, aww..so nice. I'm waiting for my kids to be old enuf to give me cards. Hehe.

    a&a'smom, homemade cards... very nice.

    5xmom, didn't sound too mushy to me.

    Simon, Happy Dad's Day to you!

    MrKiasi, you very lazeeee hor?


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