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Monday, June 20, 2005

Little Messenger

Scene: Mr MG in the study room, MG in the kitchen, baby somewhere around the house, toddler running around the house.

Mr MG to toddler: "Do you know what is your mummy doing? Can you go and see what mummy and baby is doing then come back and tell daddy?"

Toddler (runs happily to the kitchen): "Mummy, do you know what you're doing?"

MG: "Hahaha. Yes, I know what I'm doing. I'm cutting fruits."

Toddler (runs happily to the study room): "Daddy, mummy is cutting fruits!"

At this age, toddler is very, very eager to help mummy and daddy around the house. "Can I help you daddy?" "Can I help you mummy?" can be constantly heard around the house all day. So usually we give her simple tasks which makes her very delighted. How to turn down these cute little offers to help even though usually it means the task will take twice as long and theres more destruction then help. Anyway, its a great way to teach but first must teach ourselves some patience to deal with the extra slow activity and more mess. Soon, she will grow up and refuse to help even when asked so better enjoy it now! Hehehe.

Scene: Everyone in the car while driving to the mall.

Toddler: "Mummy! Look at the sky, the sun so bright bright. The sky so colourful, so nice like rainbow like that."

MG: "Yes, sweetie. Thats the sunset. Isn't it pretty?"

Toddler: "Yes mummy. Look at the clouds. So white white. Got rainbow. Its going to rain!"

MG: "Hahaha. The rainbow comes after the rain and white clouds means its not going to rain, ok?"

Toddlers..... don't you just love them and their view of the world?


  1. i have to wait for quite some time to enjoy that moment. gee, i wish i got married earlier. hehe

  2. So cute! Right now mine haven't got to that stage yet, of being messenger. Waiting eagerly.

  3. They are simply simply adorable, yes. Now we know how much parents miss when they work 'long distance' when their kids are toddlers.

  4. My brother has a toddler and I enjoy playing with him when they come out to PG from KL.

  5. So cute..!! i can't wait for chloe to be this way.. :) Already now .. she is showing all sorts of smart things to us.. :)

  6. Yeah, better enjoy it now coz someday, she will be too busy with her own activities to be messenger for her parents ;)

  7. Hazel, You've got plenty of time to enjoy. Still young what you.

    5xMom, So what messages have you planned to pass through him?

    Fishtail, Yes, the years pass so quickly that if you miss any part of it, you can't get it back.

    thquah, I'm sure you have treasured toddler memories of your kids too.

    mrst, in no time at all, in no time at all.

    bkworm, exactly!

  8. Ah, just like my Dania. Always eager to lend a hand. I usually let her help with the laundry (putting in clothes in the washing machine). Nowadays she wants to do EVRYTHING by herself.

    Maybe I should also blog about this. Thanks MG, you give me inspiration.

  9. My niece, d little kid, aiyoh, really cant stop asking question & talking. Lucky my gf not like that... haha.

  10. when my cousin was that age, she looked at the moon and called it a "painting in the sky." I still can't believe it.

  11. really? IIRC, i was the lazy one, never wanted to help - just watch TV. hehehe ;)

  12. twinsmom: "mei-mei, go ask jie-jie want Milo nen-nen or not."
    Annabelle shout: "jie-jie! you want Milo nen-nen?"
    twinsmom: "don't shout, go outside ask."
    Annabelle went out: "jie-jie, you want nen-nen or not?"
    came back very soon: "jie jie yao(want)nen-nen."
    they getting start.
    can't help but totally agree with you--full of entertainment and fun :D.

  13. Along, wants to do everything by herself? Now thats another story....hehehe.

    dizzyguy73, yah hor lucky your gf not like dat otherwise pengsan.

    fin, hmm... it does not like a painting in the sky sometimes doesn't it?

    belachan, you lazy thing you. Now you're probably still watching tv while the kiddoes fetch the paper and drinks for you yes?

    twinsmom, yes its fun. you got double the fun summore. :-)

  14. so adorable..my son also help me alot when i'm not free. Just ask him to check what is his father doing sometime ask him to take drink to his father too.

    He also help me to take care the girls when i fold the laundry, he talk to them like me sometime the girls nauty he will scold them just like me..haha. He will said 'mei mei,if you nauty kor kor will scold you.'

  15. 1+2mom, at least he's being a good big brother. my toddler talks like me then say "I scold you mummy" (*rolls eye*).


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