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Friday, June 24, 2005

How A Bloggers Meet differs from any other event

Here's how I think a Bloggers Meet differs from any other event:

  • the attendees cannot decide between staying on to enjoy the party or going home early to be the first to blog about it and ping PPS
  • there is more cameras in the room than at any other event. You can almost get blinded by the camera flashes as every blogger wants to take photos with every other blogger they know to post on their blogs
  • by the time the news about the event comes out in the papers... its very, very, very stale, old, yesterdays news
  • there is a moment of silence as the food is served as bloggers must first take photos of the food before eating for posting on their blogs
  • at other events, ppl exchange name cards, bloggers exchange urls

Thats just my 2 cents to err... join in the fun at PPS. Reading about it and viewing all the pics from the various pings makes one feel like one attended. Congratulations to all the winners and congrats again to Aiz for the 2 year old PPS baby.


  1. MG: wat happened to all ur pics on the sidebar, cant see anything wor...only see x wor....:P

  2. I think you are right on the things that you mentioned bloggers meet differs from any other event.You want to stay and you want to Ping on the event.(which is better)thinking.......):

  3. hahaha....well you got the food,exchange of url and flashing of camera lights down to the pat.

    i wish i could have gone but was working on that day.

  4. Couldn't go too; now viewing pics.

  5. Mystic, Not sure if its the hosting (geocities) problem but me thinks its the new tagboards fault. I've deleted it so lets see if that fixes the problem.

    thquah, don't think so hard. Its Friday. Relax. Happy Weekend!

    dustyhawk, kenot go, just view photos and read accounts from those who went.

    fishtail, some pics you got to view fast before the bloggers ask those who posted to remove eg. the Neophyte Blogger....

  6. Nope Mystic, Removing the tagboard didn't solve it so its geocities and tagboard is back in place.

  7. MG, u know wad ar... I wanted to blog about the same thing earlier today but scrapped the idea in the end! And you're so right about the camera, URLs part.. those were my initial points too! lol! Very true leh! Very true indeed!

  8. Narrowband, I failed to mention that its probably also got the most pseudonyms under the same room. Eg: "OIC, So YOU'RE Narrowband! What did you say your name was again? Aiyah. Can I just call you Narrowband?" ;)

  9. Hi mumsgather, I've been visiting your blogs for the past few months and find it very interesting. Mainly because I am a father of a 4 year old girl. Her name is Wei Shan. Yes, she always wants to "help" around the house, the more she helps, the more work we have to do! But she's so cute, you can forgive her anythime!

    Inspired by all you bloggers, I have finally decided to start my own blog about my journeys. I'm new to this, so your comments and guidance are welcome.

    My blog is at http://breakthrus.blogspot.com/

  10. Hey.. MG,
    i would so much have loved to go... to the meet.. if i was in Asia.. :)

  11. actually, not many urls were exchanged, most ppl would just go home, look up the posts regarding the bash and click on the links on the names!

    the food was ok, but ithink there were many complaints on the service... but you were right about the cameras.

  12. Hello Orion, Welcome to my blog. I visited your blog and liked it so I kaypoh, introduced your link in my next post. I will link you on my sidebar too.

    MrsT, Who ask you to stay so far?

    Simon, looking at the no of ppl who attended, it would have been better to hold it at a hotel function room.

  13. next time have one for all parents with baby with toddler one, the rest of the blogger can join too, provided they have to agree to be nanny hahaha...

  14. yeah i think next year it will definitely be in a hotel. no parking problem, got aircon, ppl can bring families & children, easier control of payment and better lighting for cameras!


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