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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Get It Right The First Time...Every Time.

Getting baby to sleep is a very intricate, delicate task. The precision, timing and conditions must be just right. Baby must be tired enough but not overly tired. The room must be cool, dark and quiet. When all of these conditions are met, a short bedtime feed of 10-15 minutes is all it takes to send baby off to dreamland, happy and contented. Otherwise, instead of a happy sleepy baby after a feed, what I get is ......

A happy excited, rested and fully charged baby crawling all over the bed. Baby would climb over mummy to get to his sister, than off he goes again, crawl, crawl, crawl to the edge of the bed to have a look, then crawl, crawl, crawl to the other side of the bed to have a look, than crawl, crawl, crawl to the wall, pulls himself up to standing position and try to do a spiderman crawl. Cannot scale the wall? Nevermind, crawl, crawl, crawl to the bedhead and pulls himself to standing position and try to swing mummy and daddy's wedding photo to and fro.

Then its time to practise his situps and standups. Baby would sit himself up, throw his head back on the pillow and laugh and repeat. Then he would stand up try to balance himself and laugh and repeat. After about an hour of this act, baby is tired now and a little overworked. A feed won't do the trick by now as he will bite instead. So its a walk up and down the room to calm him down.

My of my oh my. Getting baby to sleep, like I said requires perfect timing. Must Get It Right the First Time every time or else.......!

By the way, has anyone noticed that children don't close their eyes when they want to go to bed? They would try to keep their eyes open for as long as they can until they can't stand it anymore and then you see the eyelids slowly drooping as they drift off to sleep. Its lovely to watch. I guess it must be because to them there is so much to see and learn they just refuse to sleep until they are very tired.


  1. Later when at our age, we will try to sleep as much as possible, or whenever we can without being forced or asked to. :P

  2. Hhahah!! tell me about it.. MG..!! my chloe same thing..!! want her to sleep.. so difficult.. !! she would do all sorts of things.. just to keep awake..!! and then she finally flop.. in all kinda funny position.. and sleep.
    What time does your baby sleep..?? My Chloe very naughty.. only wanna sleep at about 11pm - midnite..! can die or not..??

  3. a&a'smom12:30 PM, June 23, 2005

    Very precise & accurate observation. Bring back memories. My bb is now almost 5 yrs.

  4. my Yiyi would sing and sing and sing, until she's tired. then sleep.
    The songs she sang, some we know, some she composed her own.
    And she likes grandpa to scratch her back also.. :)

  5. Yeah, I know the droopy eyes. And the nodding head. Yet when I merely suggest, let's go to the bed, he will open big big and then the whole process starts again.

  6. Wei, go install Google Adsense. Very senang to install, very fun to watch. Moreover, your topics are all so relevant so there is no harm in getting a few links so that we can help to kaching and at the same time, we also learn something new. No joke, their ads are very precise, right to the topic. Go, go, go.

  7. yar...tell me about it, took one hour to get them to sleep, ended up still one not sleeping, take another hour to get 2nd one to sleep, finally 2nd one sleep already, the 1st one woke up *boohoohoo...* OK, OK, OK...I shouldn't complain.

  8. I used to help put my kids to sleep when they were babies. At times it's so easy but it can also be so difficult.( like what you have said)I used to swing the craddle for my daughter to sleep, as soon as I stopped she will cried and it's back to swinging again. Phew I did a lot of baby sitting for them.Those were the days.

  9. Again..u nailed it. I'm going through the exact same thing with Dina.

    She would crawl here, crawl there..climb over me, tepuk2 my face, do the sit-up-and-fling-body-backwards thing, hum loudly..haiya...padahal, 10 minutes before that she was already rubbing her eyes, getting grumpy coz it's her bedtime (she goes to bed around 8 - 8.30pm)

    Damn, I wish I had blogged about this first!!

  10. Jason, later at your age, you get scolded for sleeping too much. Hahaha.

    MrsT, I thot only my kids sleep around 11pm. MrMG always say "Shouldn't they be asleep by 8?" and I would go "Buden, how r u going to have any time with them then?" Hehe. Excuses, excuses for not being able to get them to bed earlier.

    a&a'smom, next time our bb 50 years old I think we still refer to them as bb. :-)

    papi, you got a singer in the making there huh? The songs they compose themselves are the best music to us.

    5Xmom, Yeah. "I don't want to sleep. Want to rest only." is the current favourite sentence. Aiseh you temptress lah you. Can you see the dollar signs emitting from my eyes... I so want to try out the Adsense but sked it will be too strong a motivation to blog cos I'm supposed to be blogging less lah not more.

    twinsmom, I tell you..last night the same thing happened again. I end up lying on the big bed myself while the two crawled all over the room banging on cupboard doors. Getting two to sleep at the same time is a fine balancing act as they always seem to kacau one another.

    thquah, now you can relax.

    Along. Hahaha. Tepuk your face summore ah. So farnee...

  11. i understand..and i got 3 to sleep together sometime very eazy but sometime very hard. But for the 2 girls they always 1 sleep first and the other follow cause no one play with each other so they will fall a sleep by themselve. For my boy i just told him let mei mei sleep first then you can sing song later then go sleep.(he like to sing song b4 sleep)

    I sleep i between my son and the 2 girls so no one can disturb the other but the 2 girls maybe will.

  12. 1+2mom, fuiyoh got 3. *pengsan* Lucky your kids sound quite easy to deal with at bedtimes?

  13. Hey, I just bump into this blog...it's nice!

    My 10 mths old gal would do the same thing during bed time and she is lagi teruk, she would jump down from the bed to the floor like performing stunt action.

  14. Hello Jefferene. Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comments. Wah your 10 month old so gerng. Can jump from bed to floor. If my one year old jump from bed to floor, weak hearted mummy here pengsan already.


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