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Friday, June 03, 2005

If I had just 5 years left to live.....

I read somewhere in some Stress Management book that suggested that one should periodically ask oneself this question "If I had just 5 years left to live, what would I change/do differently?"

Okie.......lets see....hmmm.... (*taps fingers*)..... Do I wish that I could travel the world, have more money, a bigger house, trade back my housecoat for my make-up, perfume, high heels and power suits? Nyah! I don't think so. I wouldn't change a thing but I think I would do all that I'm doing now with less complaints. I would....

  • enjoy my children more instead of grumbling about how clingy they are (shout at them less and cuddle them more)
  • jump out of bed to greet the day instead of turning over (yet again) for another snooze (haha. say only....)
  • slow down to enjoy nature....the sun on my skin, the gentle breeze, the fresh sprinkle of drizzling rain, the beautiful and vivid colours that surrounds us everyday (stop to smell the roses so to speak but that term is so cliche and overused). As it is, I have a nice view from my balcony but I think I hardly notice it anymore although I was so impressed the first few times I saw it (abuden my view is being spoilt to make way for new development but we're not going to be negative today so shhhh enuf MG.)
  • keep in touch with my family (my dad and siblings) more frequently
  • listen better and give my husband and children my full attention or the best of me instead of the worse of me (sometimes when my children or spouse speaks to me, my mind is elsewhere thinking about the things I have to do etc etc. This is especially true with toddler and her endless questions.)
  • take better care of myself. (How can I give my best to others if I don't take good care of me first?)

I received this quote as part of an email and I thought its nice so I'm sharing it here.

"The happiest of people do not have the best of everything but they make the best of everything they have." - Author unknown


  1. i often asked myself that too, mostly to remind myself that i'm more lucky than some. i've learned to live for today only and worry about tomorrow tomorrow, thats why im the procrastination centre of the universe!!! hehehe ;P

  2. If I had 5 years to live, I'd quit dieting and going to the gym and just stuff my face with Char Kuey Teow until it's time to go! :)

  3. I really like this post - it's made me think a great deal about some petty issues.

  4. WOW, I really never think about this until I read your rants and made me think.I haven't really digest what I can or going to do if I have only 5 yrs to live. Mostly I will slow down and not work so hard but care for my love ones more. MG, I have that quote on my intro."Through My Eyes" and I believe I am one of that person.

  5. Chrissy! You just reminded me of all the things I've procrastinated on. (*grumble grumble*)

    James, thats so funny but true. Excuse me but I'm going to pig out on some siu mai now. Hehe.

    Shan, thanks. Thanks for dropping by.

    thquah, what ru doing still reading blogs? You shd be busy packing for your trip.

  6. Very fast packing a few shirts n pants, I am a simple guy I would say, the rest are done by mrs.(very organised)

  7. 1st thing to do - "finish" my first kiss dulu :P

  8. lol Jason, what do you mean "finish"? You mean started half way but not yet complete ah?

  9. i'll go to all those places i've heard and read about. all over the world...

  10. what would I do? I don't know. really don't know. really. I love sleeping, but if i will sleep forever after 5 years, why should I sleep now then? What else to do?

  11. Simon, wah you wanabe traveller eh? ;)

    lazybone, susah ler dilemma... I oso love to sleep.


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