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Monday, July 11, 2005

"Butter Fingers!"

"Butter Fingers!" shouted the Physical Education (PE) teacher as I tried to reach for the ball and it slipped through my hands yet again during a netball game in primary school. I felt so embarrassed. Ok, so I was not good at the game but she didn't have to shout at me like that did she! (*grumble grumble*).

Another time, this time in Secondary school, another fierce PE teacher forced us to run non stop until I almost fainted. Bah! I hate PE teachers. Not sure why but I've had two during my school days which were so fierce, I can still remember their hateful faces till today. Hahaha. Other teachers fade into obvilion or I cannot remember most of them now accept the fierce ones.

I hate sports. I hate school sports day. I hate atheletics. I hate high jump, long jump, hurdles, running etc etc. I'm always among 1-3 places in running (from the bottom of course!) I'm a "tai siew jie" you see. Wonder if toddler will become like me. Hmm.... Already she's showing some signs of being a "tai siew jie" like mummy. Must expose her to more games and stuff. I'm good at a lot of things but not sports. Ok, not all sports. I'm reasonably good at swimming but only in one style ie breaststroke. (Can't quite seem to get the front crawl right till today.) In fact I have a bronze medal somewhere from an inter-primary school competition. But thats it.

In school, I hated sports but I enjoyed being in the choir. I enjoyed art classes, sewing classes and cooking classes. And I enjoyed writing essays cos I always got 1st or 2nd in my essay writing. Hehehe. What did you hate or enjoy in school? Do you remember?


  1. MG, I no good at sport too, not even swimming. but I join choir and art class like you, wish my school have sewing and cooking class, but too bad my school think those are too old fashion and scrap it.
    and I also got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from essay writing during school time, but Chinese lar, ermmm...got 2nd and 3rd from singing competition too (d*mn the champion so difficult to beat).
    gee...why we so alike? *spooky*...

  2. your post sort of reminds me/reaffirtms that kids will be good at something if the adults show an interest in the kids learning it. And they will focus till they are really good at it - SX is really bad with homework and I need to find time to help her with it.

  3. Hey.. MG,
    i love sports.. and i love the debating teams.. LDDS .. but i hated cooking .. sewing.. and anything that is tai siew chei type of activities. hehe!


  4. I hate sports also. Damn, every year ask me go lontar peluru, lontar lembing and errr, piring? LOL...

    But I can swim and I know all the styles, up to how to save people. Kekez. I was very fit one last time, really! Until the god damn swimming pool "zhap lap" when I was at my growing age - 14. Since then, I eat and eat and never swim, mah become like that loh~! Else, Jason must be damn kaw fit now coz I swim everyday from 6 to 10PM.

    Errr, my english also not bad ler. Alwiz top scorer. So does my science. Che wah, too easy until we have to do a competition on who can finish the fastest and yet still score the highest. My record was 25 minutes for 75 questions with 72 correct!!

    MUahahaa.... Other than that, cycling loh~! Mum had to lock the bicycle to make me stay at home. :D

  5. thanks for dropping by...

    yeah, u see in less than 4 months since we moved here, we spent more than RMB1000 on his toys liow...

  6. twinsmom, our men oso a bit alike. Hehe. *spooky spooky*

    mrsb, yes. its important for us to remember to encourage them in the things they have inclination for and are good at and tell them its ok when they don't do so well in others, yes?

    mrst, then we are of "huan tui thong" (In hokkien meaning opposite fractions/opposition). ;)

    Jason, if we were durian, we would be "sama pangsa" then. (same type). I remember last time we did some quiz and you twinsmom and me got the same result oso.

    leecs, I've got an old post about toys too. Its here

  7. i hate being called the class lengchai... ahaiks! hehehehe ;)

  8. a&a'smom4:45 PM, July 11, 2005

    MG, i too can only swim breast stroke. I think I'm more active & healthy now compared during my younger days

  9. I hate sports 'cos it is the only one area where I cannot excel. I can be the President, Chairman or whatever blahs of the societies but I can never be the champion in sports. So, no to sports. Of course, what I hate about school? Study. I am bad in that area too.

  10. Belachan, sure or not???? khihkhihkhih.

    a&a'smom, good for you!

    5Xmom, you sound very much like a Type A personality - always on the go type.

  11. aiyoo!! sports?? wat is that?? i hated it too. like u la, alway the 1-3 placing (from the bottom). u forgot the mention merentas desa!! i used to cheat. lol....walk slowly n thn when the ppl were passing me by the opposite direction, i just 360 degree turn n go back with them!! hahaha....we used to run through the kepala sawit estate.

    i've always been an artsy person, ERT la....essay, forums...scrabble. swimming? haha!! floating can la....;p

  12. mistyeiz, so you floated all the way thru school eh?

  13. floated? eeerrr....wassat mean ar? in school, i very low profile on. i'm one of those geeky nerdy NOT-studious type. lol!! had more of a traumatic experience in school....light n easy radio today talking abt the effect of violence n its post traumatic experience n how to over come it. sadly, i didnt hear it THEN la....thank goddess, i'm ok.

    believe it or not, children can sometimes be VERY cruel.

  14. "floated" as in float in the swimming pool cos you said you can only float mah. Hehe. Yah children can be cruel. I was bullied in Std 1 by a naughty little girl who wouldn't let me practise my writing in peace. She always took my pencil away and no one is allowed to do work unless she finished hers first! Hahaha.

  15. haiyoo....i know, i remember the terror of the playhouse too. crazy man....


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