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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lets do the Wobble

C'mon everybody, c'mon everybody, lets do the Twist Wobble! Recently, I took up line dancing cos' I need the exercise since I'm not burning my calories fast enuf' compared to what I'm consuming.

Expert says: If you want to reduce weight, not merely maintain it, then you must burn more calories than you take in. You must eat less, and at the same time you must exercise more. Remember, you must do both. Dieting without exercise only sets you up for the perilous yo-yo syndrome of quick loss and quick gain. To lose weight permanently, you must lose it slowly.

So no crash diets for me. Besides, I'm not going on any fad diets since a breastfeeding mum must always eat sensibly; so exercise, I must. Wanna learn some line dancing with MG? Here's the steps:

Step ... step .... wobble .... wobble ......

Sway from side to side .....

Now get down on your knees .....

Move forward three steps .....

Lift up your arms ......

Grin from ear to ear ......

Now let a happy smile ... light up your face

Hehe. Gotcha! Actually, thats not a line dancing move. Its just how baby looks as he takes his first few steps. He looks absolutely adorable (If I may say so myself). With a little help, he can walk quite far and go places which makes him sooooo very happy. So, I will hold one hand while his sister (toddler) holds the other and together we walk him around the house and towards his target daddy. And when he reaches his target daddy, his whole face will light up with happiness and he would fling his arms (when we let them go) in excitement, his whole body bouncing up and down. Sometimes this causes him to plonk a little clumsily onto the floor on his bum where he would continue his excited bounce on his bum while raising his little arms into the air. His excitement is so plain to see. He must be thinking "Look everyone! I can walk! I can walk!"

Quick! Where's my viewcam? At the moment he can take one or two steps unaided. Yesterday, he took 3-4 steps. We're getting the batteries all charged up and ready to shoot the moment. This is sooooo exciting. Don't you agree? Did I actually take up line dancing? Nyah! Where got time to go for line dancing classes? Feel like dancing? Just pick up any of the two kiddoes and dance around the house with some music and they will be happy like mad. In fact, they love it so much. I'm never short of dance partners yunno.


  1. Haiyoh....for a second, you scared me liao. I thought real one. 'Cos over here, line dancing equals = 60 yrs women wearing pyramid bras, tight pants, red bandana tied at the neck and ouch, I don't want to think further. Sorry hor, it is really that you know.... (can't say much 'cos my godma line dance)

  2. weii.....i used to go for line-dancing leh!! its not THAT bad la....okla, i'll admit its that bad that my fashion sense would have suffered if i did not leave.

    HAHAHAHA!!! but seriously, its not an old ladies thingy la. my (used to be) group had loads of young un's. i WAS one of them lah. star dancer, k? dont pray-pray....me n sis actually. (let her tumpang limelight a bit la. must share-share mah). sadly, my attention span is super short so i left. didnt really think i was losing weight. better i dance/wobble to my latin music at home - SALSACIZE...here i come!!

  3. 5xmom. Aiyoyo. Scarry pic you just painted. Pyramid bras! Hahahahah. But hor, my sis mya line dancing class all rich mya housewife lenglui type (yunno, those type that got a lotta time to go slimming centre and do hair rebonding and get ppl to do manicure and pedicure type?.) Ah... do you smell some sour grapes around here somewhere??

    mistyeiz, wah u star dancer summore. Can teach ah?

  4. my mum's doing line-dancing too, n she's younger than 60 with no pyramid bras, tight pants, n red bandana tied at the neck. hehe!! she always ask me to go n join them whenever im back for hols. she told me there r some 20 something-yr-old young girls too. hhmm.. maybe i should join them the nextime i go back. kekekekeke!!

    btw, happy to hear that ur baby can walk liao :)

  5. Line dancing is not only for the old lah.. hhahaa!! but so exciting to see baby walk.. isn't it.. :)


  6. congra baby is walking..hehe..must record it ahh..is very fun when watch back those scene..ohh..happy ler..

  7. mums, aiyoo....so long ago la!! but there are a few dance steps which are eternally embedded in my mind because i LOVE the song. ;))

    2 of them actually....those line dancers out there should know them :- come dance with me & aiyo, the other one, i forgot di. ;))

  8. crazygrrl, maybe u shd.

    MrsT, It most certainly is!

    msau, yah, must record. I like to look at old photos and videos over and over and over again. Hehe.

    mistyeiz, actually if I had the time I wouldn't mind learning since I love music and dance too.

  9. When I read

    "Now get down on your knees .....

    Move forward three steps ....."

    i got a bit confused .. heh heh ..

    Reading all this, I can't wait for Amira to walk ... and chasing her along the supermarket aisles ...:)

  10. heheh... me girl also learning to walk now, but she's not ready to let go of my hand yet!

  11. a&a'smom10:10 PM, July 08, 2005

    Yep much more interesting & fun dancing with the kids. Hey now can lose weight running after bb what.

  12. yea i know wat u mean. me single n no angels (unless u're talking abt my deadly duo) oso cant seem to find the time, wat more ppl with kids. respect la if can handle means. ;))

    no wonder most classes all got 80%aunties only!! hahaha....so bad la..*giggles*

  13. pompit, you may wish for the good ole days of quietly pushing her in the pram when you have to chase her down supermarket aisle or panic when you lose sight of her for a moment. Haha.

    momof2, anytime now, anytime now. Is your camera/video ready for the moment?

    a&a'smom, err not really. Think I need to increase my exercise days to daily instead of just 3 times a week.

    mistyeiz, maybe thats why!


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