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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Who say men cannot cry?

I remember when I was younger and they use to air those soppy chinese love stories on tv in the afternoons. Second sister was often teased by my dad and bros when she cried during the sad scenes. She would then be so embarrassed, cover her face and make a fuss about being teased. I used to cry too but since 2nd sister was the target of teasing (since she hated so much to be teased) I escaped being teased and could cry silently "undisturbed". Hahaha.

I hate it when a movie I'm watching at the cinema ends on an emotional note. Aiyoh! Its always a nasty shock to have the bright lights switched on as the credits roll and I hardly have time to wipe away the tears that streamed freely down my face earlier in the shadowed darkness. (Very the paiseh!)

I wonder how the guys fare on this. Someone in my earlier post has this to say:

"........who say man CANNOT cry? man also got feeling mah :) "

Its much more comfortable watching a sad movie at home. At least I can move closer to Mr MG to be "comforted." Hehehe. I can even cry when watching his kungfu movies! (*rolls eyes*). Mr MG does sometimes get smoke in his eyes too (pssst. cannot mention the word cry) but his reaction is different. He won't come to me for "comfort". He would give me a serious look and say "this part very sad". (If I happen to look at him, otherwise he just keeps very quiet.) Hahaha. Men! Kesian them. Always have to play the strong, silent part. Cannot show emotions as freely as women do.


  1. men who cannot cry, kill instead

  2. Who says men always have to be the stronger part? I cried in front of NeeNee before, while my head was on her shoulder. *sniff sniff* At least, throughout my blog, there were a few posts that mentioned I cried before. *coughs coughs* MG must haven't been visiting my blog for some time. *LOL* Anyway, its even more heartaching to see a guy crying rather than a gal. At least, I cried in front of the whole classroom one early morning after having serious arguements with Adeline. Next class's big sister came to comfort me. Awww...

    Come, we all sing Andy Lau's "男人哭吧不是罪". (It's not a sin for a man to cry.)

    But then hor, why you would cry even watching Kung Fu flick leh? *roll 3 rounds of eye balls*

    P/S : You should watch Ladder 49, if you don't cry, I belanja you eat one round of Mc Donalds, including toddler's set. Cause I shed my tears when I was watching alone in the cinema!

  3. Those men who can't or won't cry can kill others or themselves, or eventually go to the mad-house. Everything God made is for a purpose. Crying is like a pressure relief valve. (Only we don't use it as a "weapon" but that's a different story) We cry at sad movies because they remind us of our own pains and sufferings.

  4. haha, i remember when i was small, always hear people say in mandarin, "nan2 zi3 han4, da4 zhang4 fu, liu2 xie3, bu4 liu2 lei4!" (a real man bleeds, and does not wept) ... hehe, sounds so romantic and cool eh? well, as someone who donates blood every 100 days to SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES, no! i prefer to shed tears than to waste my blood. hehe :)

    and it feels good to cry once in a while ... especially when people mention me in their blog *sob* *sob* ... :)

  5. anon, wah not that bad izzit? Maybe they just shout and bang table lah.

    Jason, kungfu movie oso got sad story what. We take turns to watch. Swordfighting scene I go to sleep, then love story scene Mr MG goes to sleep. Like dat lor.

    lcteh, *ahem* your use as weapon comment hor better tarik balik yes? Sked offend the women blog readers. Khihkihkih.

    matakecil, hahaha. Aiyoyo. Don't lah cry. Nah! Here's a cyber tissue for you.

  6. i have banned sad movies from my life. cannot tahan crying. bleh! :)

  7. Don't bluff. You always shed crocodile tears on the blog. :P

  8. I cry, when someone doesn't appreciate my love. But nevermind, tears are mend to be cried out.

  9. Man cries because sometimes the tears just roll down uncontrollable when we feel the sadness we have gone through in life.

  10. I play the same role as you at home cause my elder sister was also the target of teasing. Haha....in the cinema, I will try my best not to cry during the 10 minutes before the movie end ;P.

  11. man cry also lar, just know how to hide it only, like twinsdad watch drama feel sad, before he know he going to cry, he pretend go toilet lar, go kitchen drink water lar, make some silly comment on the scene lar, read newspaper lar etc...
    but really see twinsdad cried twice only (tears coming out wan)--his grandma and father passed away.

  12. kiasi, who didn't appreciate your love?

    thquah, men cry too but maybe not openly and like twinsmom said sometimes they try to hide the fact?

    emotionalistic, me too but sometimes cannot tahan....

    "before he know he going to cry, he pretend go toilet lar, go kitchen drink water lar, make some silly comment on the scene lar, read newspaper lar etc..."

    Hehe. Sometimes I do that oso.

  13. MG, try watching "I am sam"... good movie but prepare a box of tissue before you. I cried buckets... will blog about that when I have time.

  14. To my comment about using tears as weapon, I have added that's a different story because it's now no longer part of woman's artillery. As a result of the sexual revolution men also learnt to use the same "weapons".

  15. momof2, I'm still waiting for your blog!!!

    lcteh, Wow! You must blog about how men use this weapon too but must not let the missus read or else no more weapon liao! lol.

  16. I posted this wrong place (in Haloscan) Sorry, I want to post this again for continuity...

    Example of men using tears as weapon: Ex Prime Minister.

    Example of women using tears as weapons: Minister of international trade & industry

    ............So now you see?


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