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Tuesday, July 26, 2005



After all this time MG is still not toddler wise. This morning bad mommy scolded toddler for whining about something that she wanted. "Talk properly. If you go on like this, I'm going to give you a big slap. You want a big slap?". "I want a small slap" she replied.



  1. ROTFLOL...a small slap!!!! gee...she is smart, out smart mommy some more.
    wanna see me scold the belles? go to my site, I have the link of few video at the sidebar, see the "mischievous" wan.

  2. Hahahahha!! Kids nowadays darn smart, can make you go nuts and go feel so loved with 1 sentence. Geezz... Toddler, you very smart ler. *pats toddler's head*

    Twinsmom : Your video!!! Haha! So charm ler the belles. Haha! SUmmore your voice VERY garang tim!

  3. aiyoo... she's so smart, how to be angry at her?

  4. haha..clever toddler..mommy fire cool down immediately liao..

  5. Hi MG

    Elaine here, the way you scolded your toddler sounded exactly the same like me.... oh no! :(

    Lately toddler has been very insecure again, whinning for no reason, crying for attention and I get very irritated easily by that especially when the crying began to disturb baby's sleep. HHmmm...I really wish I could be more patient with my toddler and wish I could spent more time with her to give her more assurance. My toddler can really make me guilty when I have scolded her, she would come to me with her little sweet voice and say "mummy, don't be angry lah... I will massage you..."

  6. Hmm, my 3yo toddler likes to whin too. I gave her a good scolding this morning. Managed to get her stop whinning and talk properly. Later on, she put on her kesian face and come to the kitchen and hug my leg. Well, I know it's just for today... 2morrow and so on, she'll still whine. May be it's part of being toddler. Hey, when I was small, I whined too! But when tak boleh tahan, we still scold because we were being scolded b4 too!

  7. Sometimes scolding is good for toddler, I think if a child is naugthy than there must be some scolding.Big Slap not necessary meh, small slap can.

  8. twinsmom, like Jason said, your voice..... verrrry GARANG! Hehehe.

    Jason, domesticgoddess, msau, thats probably becos I always offer her ridiculous choices which works like a charm .... eg. "Don't want to wear your shoes? Nvm. You want to stay at home here without shoes or you want to go with everybody to the park?" and she'd wear her shoes in a jiffy. or if she has pushed baby once too often I'd say "Stop pushing baby. You want mummy to scold you or you want mummy to hug hug." Answer of course is hug hug and she'd stop her mischieve immediately! (So now you know why she "chose" to have a small slap by herself.)

    Elaine, I confused you with another Elaine for a while but the other one doesn't have a toddler so I managed to figure you out. Your toddler so sweet and cute, offer to massage summore us bad mommies scold them in that fashion. Aiseh! (*sighs*)

    Annie, Hug the leg? I get that a lot too.

    thquah, yes, scolding is necessary but my hubby always reminds me to scold for the sake of discipline and not out of anger/loss of temper and he's right so I try my best to watch myself but sometimes kenot tahan...

  9. If i am her, I sure cry liao. She is a very brave little child :).

  10. aww.. so smart n cute.. MG where got "seh tak" angry at her rite? :D

  11. emtionalistic, "If i am her, I sure cry liao" why? Sound very fierce izzit the scolding?? ;PpP

    Big Bok, yah she took me by complete surprise.

    crazygrrl, rite rite. "umm seh tak".

  12. wah...i think i am gonna turn out like u leh. :) beh tahan all this whining n crap but i know have to b patient - thinking abt all this is scaring me lah. then read abt lilian's kid too...climb here n there, wahlau.....have to buy chains la like that means!! :)

  13. a&a'smom5:19 PM, July 27, 2005

    LOL,Aiyoh so small can talk like that. Wonder how toddler will be when older.

  14. yea thquah is right.. sometimes being "too nice" is bad for the toddler too.. tell them off but in hush quiet tones and in a very polite way.. works all the time =) my nephew's mom tells him the 'donts' in that way . .so do i.. and it works =)

    if the toddler has come to a conclusion that u are easy to "bully".. they will try their very best to put up a show n kick a big fuss so that u let them have their way.. <-- very bad --> SPOILT BRATS!

  15. Yalor...whenever people mention the word 'slap', i sure feel like crying one. Maybe i am too sensitive to that word liao.

  16. misty, don't be sked lah.

    a&a'smom, i wonder too.

    jean, tell them in hush quiet tones and a very polite way sometimes does not do the job and a whack is in order. hahaha.

    emotionalistic, sensitive to the word? you must have kena a lot then. Haha.

  17. You are not a bad mother. I am. I slapped Ian few times ('small' slap) last Saturday night. I am very 'sam tong' after that... sigh, couldn't control my temper especially when I was in deep jealous.

  18. mumsgather, i agree la.. but den..not very nice lah.. i hv received many-a-slap before ;(

    goin to chinese primary doesnt help either.. the rotan is the teachers' best friend..

  19. lazybone, kesian baby. Usually I won't hit them when baby but when sudah jadi toddler, require more discipline but whack bum or hand is better than a slap yes?

    jean, aiyoyo, chinese school teacher so strict wan ah?

  20. haha sooooooooooo cute ur gal !! my boy whine too but once i start to scold him he'll quickly call me "mommy mommy mommy" in a very sweet & lovely way (go to my blog watch this video ~"daddy mummy daddy mummy").... then my heart melted... :)

  21. shiaulin, your boy very adorable. His potty video is classic!


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