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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bad influence from fairytales?

"....... I wanna eat chocolate. I wanna eat chocolate. No, you cannot, said daddy. Naughty daddy. Got car. The car bang daddy. No. Got plastic. We kick daddy into the plastic never to be seen again......."

I overhead my girl reading this "story" to herself right after her daddy scolded her and forbade her from eating yet another chocolate right after dinner. My goodness! What a violent story! I wonder where she picked up all this violence from?

She hasn't started attending preschool yet and we really don't watch that much tv or violent shows so her main influence is .................... me! Oh dear. Oh dear. Or maybe its those numerous story books she has. Yes, yes that must be it! Some fairytales can be quite violent you know.

Afterall, the fox ate up poor gingerbreadman, chicken licken and his friends never did get to tell the king that the sky had fallen because they got eaten up by the fox as well, two out of three of the three little pigs got gobbled up by the wolf and little red riding hood almost met with the same fate too. Then there is Jack who chopped off the giant beanstalk and sent the giant to an early grave never to be seen again after he had stolen and casually ran off with the giant's golden egg laying goose. Need I go on?


  1. Mine gals were watching too much TV and reading many books! After we beat or scold them, they will "call" fox come and eat us!! Scary hor!!!!

  2. Hmmm... think I must go through all the storybooks I'd bought for my DD once again.

    Also keep away that 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and that 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears' book...

  3. oh no...sound so violent. Scary huh when kids tell this kinda story and when we adults tell it it sound funny.

  4. omigosh! tht sure sounds scary. Not funny at all. hope it was just that one time only. My daughter uses run away from home threats and that already got me worried. If she started wishing for bad things to happen to us, i don't know what i'd do!

  5. that is really scary...
    and and, for her to recite it that way, is a bit worrying...

  6. jesslyn,
    Its the bad ole fox again.

    Jack and the Beanstalk and Goldilocks and the three bears are their favourites.

    It sounds like some scary violent tv program.

    Oh its just that one time. Most of the time, her stories are very loving and includes things like "and mummy hug hug me" in them so I'm not worried.

    Children like to emulate things around them so its a good idea not to let them watch the violent stuff we get on tv. Even some adverts are not suitable for the young these days.

  7. Great topic! Do you know for any childrenbook with scary illustrations (like the wolf eating pigs or humans)?


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