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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Budding little con artist

Scene: Dark comfy room, everyone ready to go to sleep.

Baby: Mummy, I wanna eat ammal biskets. I wanna eat ammal biskets two times. I wanna eat ammal biskets ten times.

MG: Go to sleep baby. You can eat your annimal biscuits for breakfast tomorrow morning when you wake up ok?

Baby: Ok.

A moment later....

Baby yawns, stretches then....

Baby: Mummy, I wake up adi. I wanna eat ammal biskets.

LOL! My baby is growing up so fast........to become a little con artist!


  1. Hiya blurblur,
    Long time no see. I've moved my personal rantings to another blog. Hope to see you there too.

  2. haha it never fails to amaze me the things young kids say nowadays. My two girls tend to come up with quips that sometimes even left me speechless. ;)


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