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Monday, January 22, 2007

I want this NOW!

Baby has learned a new word. The word is "now". All throughout the day, I can hear him say....

"I want to eat NOW!"

"I want to play NOW!"

"I don't want to sleep NOW!"

"I want to drink NOW!"

"I want to brush teeth NOW!"

"I want to bathe NOW!"

And guess who he learned the word from?

"You two, stop playing NOW and come here right NOW!"

I'm trying to teach him that its bad manners and rude to talk to people in this manner. ( a little belatedly, since he learned it from me. :P ) His sister is a big help. Everytime I tell him that its rude to talk like that, she will chip in and give an example to him by asking politely.....

"Can I play with the toy, please?"

.... to which I will reply. "Thats a very nice way of asking. Yes, you may have the toy since you asked so nicely."

She is delighted to be praised so she tries to help me teach her little brother to ask nicely whenever she can.

Note: I'm not sure why he has suddenly started talking in this manner. He used to be very polite and ask nicely all the time with a "please" eg "Can I eat now, please" etc. I guess he is just testing his limits and trying out this new word that he has learned to see if it works. (*rolls eyes*)


  1. oh no...very hard to control sometimes..

  2. sasha,
    Hard to control the kids or hard to control ourselves? Haha.

  3. I guess it's just a phase...soon he'll find no 'fun' using this word, and then he will look for other 'fun' words...hehe..;)

  4. blurblur,
    His other favourite term is "lah" spoken like true Malaysian Cina AhPek. Hehe.


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