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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Hairstyle for the New Year

I haven' t had my hair permed for several years so I decided to have a perm for the New Year just for the fun of it. (or rather for several hours of time alone to hide away from the kids!)

When I got back.......

My Girl: Mummy, you look like a mermaid.

MG: Nice or not, mermaid?

My Girl: No. Not nice.

MG: Why?

My Girl: I want you back to normal. (then tears began to well up her eyes)

I think I must either have looked horrid or she thought I was going to turn into a mermaid and swim away. Children don't lie so I don't think the new hairstyle looked very nice to her. Better think twice before perming hair again. LOL!


  1. Ha... My wife also permed her hair. My daughter got no comments.

  2. She's just not used to it, that's all :)

  3. Mermaid's hair is okay wat. Ur Girl's so used to ur 'old' hairstyle and this new hairstyle is too 'wavy' for her to absorb? Hahaha.

  4. ricket,
    Good girls you have there. Hehe.

    I'm not used to it too!

    Hahaha. Yes, I hope thats it.

  5. Post a pic of your new hair-do lah ;)

  6. i'm really wondering how mermaid hairstyle look like,

  7. pablopabla,
    kenot. Now no more new oredi. Its back to tiebacks. Who got time to style hair everyday.

    Try imagining some overfrizzed out maggie mee. Geddit?

  8. nvm she will get used to new hairstyle :)

  9. Happy New Year! You have a new hairdo too? I went for a cut & color as well and hubby says I look like an auntie! Grr...

    Maybe you can show your girl Ariel from Little Mermaid? I've always loved her, esp when she combed her hair with a fork =)

  10. Kakakaka..and you thought she would compliment you. What an ego buster hor?

  11. show us your photo, let us tell you whether it is nice or not lah! She doesn't know how to 'yan siong' only. :)

  12. I think she's just not used to it..permed hair is nice..especially if it's long and wavy..:)

  13. hahaha! Anyway what did MrMG say abt ur new hair do?

  14. jazzmint,
    I think she's used to it by now. She has stopped asking. Hehe.

    Luckily hubby didn't say I look like aunty. He got no comment. Maybe dare not give bad comment ler. Hahaha.

    Yah, and there I was fishing for compliments. LOL!

    Sorry ler, no photos on this blog.

    Wavy hair is nice on a SYT but on an aunty, it just looks auntie, that is all!

    No Comment. Hehehe. BTW, have you visited my new blog yet? I can't remember. The link is on my sidebar. If you haven't, hope to see you there.


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