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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Whats up with blogger these days?

I've been having problems with my blogger recently. The problem of disappearing posts. Its so frustrating.

I type a post then save it either in draft or publish it and then I can't find it. Poof! Its disappeared into thin air. All my thoughts and hard work typing. Grrrrr! That makes me so mad. I hate retyping. Worse, I can't retype some because I've forgotten. This happens when I hit publish to an earlier draft.

And to top it all, I still cannot switch to the new blogger account. Double Grrrrr! And the internet connection is still unreliable. Geez! Aren't I grumpy today?


  1. Hmm, that's bad. I hate that if it ever happens to me. Probably you could try save all posts offline using notepad first! I usually type on notepad first!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm having a bit of problem with blogger too. I can no longer access all my saved drafts. And god knows how many i've got in there. My "edit posts" button is still not working. Keeps giving me an error message. And my comments popup only shows half a page, damn frus lah. Me also antsy today. And like narrowband says, i copy a version b4 i hit the publish button. And i do write on my notepad too nowadays lest my posts disappeared... yerrrrrr.

  3. narrowband, samm,
    Probably it was not blogger after all but the internet connection. I tried again later on and this time I saw a warning at the bottom of the page saying "there is not connection and your draft or post may not be saved" can't remember the exact words but its something to that effect. I've written to blogger support about my being unable to switch to the new blogger but they only came back with the standard reply that can be found on the blogger help page which says that some blogs cannot be moved for the moment. So I have to just sit back and hope that nothing bad happens to my blog. :(


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