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Friday, January 26, 2007

Toilet Tales of a 5 year old

Caution: Proceed only if you're not having a meal while reading

MG: Come on, lets wipe that bottom. (After a poo trip to the loo/toilet)

My Girl: Yes, its dirty because got "mm mm" (poo) and "shi shi" (pee) too. When you "mm mm" and "shi shi" at the same time, the "mm mm" will melt and everything will become smooth smooth.

On another occassion.......

My Girl: Mummy look! Got two small "mm mm" and one big "mm mm"

Eww... Have I spoilt anyone's appetite? LOL!


  1. LOL!!! I had a good laugh tho.

  2. Hahaha...very well described by your girl...:)

  3. eeee eyr post like Eggheads post the other day. His post lagi geli...yrs is "sweeter" Gosh..i dun believe i just said sweeetet to a poo poo post. egghead gotto manually remove the poo poo cos it got stuck in his son's bumbum!

  4. LOL...ur girl is very imaginative

  5. was eating my breakfast while reading this post... still could finish my muffin. ;)

    think I have immune to it as I always have to change my DD... sometimes it's like what your daughter described...

    Your daughter's very imaginative and descriptive:)

    Btw, do you mind my linking your blogs to mine? Thanks.

  6. Yikes!I was having my lunch while reading ur blog.I'm having burger and the colour also a bit like "mm mm"..hahaha!Lucky i still manage to finish it.

  7. I will get one of this moments when Raelynne knows how to talk in the future... heheheh

  8. Hi all,
    Sorry I'm so late in replying comments. I've been so busy! Well, just to let you all know, recently she added this one.....

    "Mummy, the sh sh wash away the mm mm already. Thats what the sh sh is for."

    Lunch anyone? Hehe.


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