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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cut and Paste Word Count for Paid Posts

This post is for all those bloggers out there who write paid posts. As you all know, one of the most basic requirement for any post is the number of words. Usually it starts from as low as 50 (yippee!) to as high as 300 (must think twice before writing). So how do you all do your word count?

Previously, I used to do the dumb thing and did finger counting. Yup! Serious! You heard me right. In this day and age of advance technology where you can do almost anything online, I was dumb enough to do a finger word by word count. Pretty time consumming and very stupid!

Anyway, I've wised up and found a cut and paste word count site so I'd like to share it here. Its very simple. All you have to do is cut and paste your blog post into the example box provided then click "Calculate Words" and hey presto you've got your word count, just like magic. I usually write a little extra say 10-20 words just in case so that I won't get it wrong. Wouldn't want my post rejected because of that! So, how do each of you do your word count?


  1. Duh!!! MS Word has word count function ma!

  2. I'm ancient and not very techy mah. Donch know how to use MS Word word count function. :P

  3. Heh I use Word. Look under File -> Properties -> Statistics

    But looking on the net is also an idea :)

  4. If you still don't know now, drop me a line at my email add which is listed on my blog. I'll show you.

  5. I use ms word too...
    Tool -> word count...
    Very easy... :D

  6. Hi everyone,
    Looks like most of you use MS Word eh? I presume that you all type in your posts in Word then do you?

  7. Looks like everyone uses MS Word and I'm the only dunce around her who didn't know how to. Hahaha.


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