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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Digital Age

I received this remark from my girl recently.

"Mummy, mummy, hurry up. This will make a good picture. Faster come and take a photo for me and baby and all the animals. We are having a party."

She and baby had arranged many pillows around themselves to form a "house" and put all their animal toys near them.

Me thinks their mummy has been taking too many digital photos of them. Even she has started to look out for good photo opportunities! *rolls eyes*


  1. eh they know wan lo...Like J, so small also knows when i'm gonna take his Video, will look at the camera then turn and ACTION!

  2. sasha,
    Hahaha. These days they very pandai to post adi becos we are always taking photos and videos of them. Recently during a family gathering, the family members all crowded around baby with their camera phones and started shooting and he just smiled and posed for everyone like movie star being surrounded by media like dat, no fear at all.

  3. haha...that's cool, then for sure won't miss good shots ;)


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