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Friday, November 14, 2008

A farewell gift for teacher

Today is the last day of kindy for my girl. I feel a bit sad that she won't be seeing her friends anymore. The kids don't seem a bit sad though. They were all busy laughing, playing and enjoying their end of school class party.

My girl wanted to make a card for her teacher and friends but yesterday we were a bit rushed. We didn't have time to make a homemade card, so we bought her a gift and card for teacher instead. We bought her a flower mug and a thank you card. My girl wrote on it....

"Dear teacher. Thank you for being my teacher. I love you."

Then she wrote "Got some more at the back" (Haha. Meaning Please Turn Over). She also drew in balloons, a cake and a heart shape.

At the back of the card she wrote...

"DALLING Teacher. I hope you remember me after your present."

Lol. She had wanted to buy her teacher flowers but we told her that flowers will wilt and be forgotten. We told her that whenever her teacher drinks from her mug, she will think of her. So I guess thats why she wrote what she did.

Ah.. the innocence of children. :)

Teaching the kids to joy and meaning of gift giving is a wonderful thing. By allowing them to write freely on their own, they also learn new things. For example, in composing her message, the girl asked me "How to spell "your"? and "What is the meaning of "Dear" and why do people put it in letters?" However, I think that the fact that she misspelled her "darling" is a rather sweet thing. I hope her teacher likes her gift.


  1. You must be so proud of your daughter!!

  2. rani, jazzmint, henny,
    She loves to make cards etc. I think its a girl thing. :)

  3. Wah, she must really love her teacher and her studies, can call Darling some more! So cute!

  4. ann,
    She just learned the word recently. I called her or her brother darling and she asked me what it meant. So I told her you call someone you love very much that. And she decided to use it. Haha.


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