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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Her First Kindy Progress Report

I've collected the girl's kindy progress report. For record purposes:

Last Term: A very keen and vocal learner. Generates answers and questions during discussion.
This Term: Inquisitive and has a lot of questions to ask
Score: 96%

Bahasa Malaysia
Last Term: She can associate sounds of letters to words introduced
This Term: Able to follow the lessons well
Score: 97%

Mandarin Chinese
Last Term: Shows keen interest to learn Mandarin
This Term: Has shown immense improvement. Keep it up!
Score: 83%

Last Term: Manages well with guidance
This Term: Has shown improvement
Score: 98%

Last Term: Has contributed suggestions & views & able to differentiate & describe too
This Term: Shows delight in new discovery
Score: 91% (Science); 83% (Moral)

Art & Craft
Last Term: She tries her best to complete her work independantly
This Term: Eager to participate in art & craft projects

Behaviour & Attitude in Class
Last Term: Has carried out her responsibilities well in class
This Term: A friendly and helpful girl. She has formed good relationship with classmates.

Music & Movement
Last Term: Shows interest in music & movement
This Term: Able to clap the rythm

Teacher says that her handwriting for Chinese and other languages is poor so she needs to improve in those areas. She is talkative and a bit kaypoh in class. Talks during lessons (Teacher says she just can't seem to help herself!) and example of kaypoh: she is always trying to tell others when they have done something in the wrong way.


  1. She's doing very well for the all the subjects...marks are no important but understanding is.Make sure she understands what teacher taught her in school. Keep up the good work,girl!

  2. I tell you this MG, sometimes I was the one (did other moms did it, too?) who couldn't wait and very enthusiast to see kids report than themselves. hehe... as if it was mine.

  3. She such a smart girl. Haiyoh...Kepoh...I think my son also same lar. But it's good that they kepoh for the good not for the bad.Hehe

  4. congrats. great improvement. mumsgather is very happy.

    hmm, girls and the kaypoh thing always seems to go together huh...because we care mah.

  5. princess geraldine's mummy,
    We don't stress on academics but on learning skills and understanding like you say and the rest will fall in place. :)

    Haha. We are not eager to see our own reports when we are kids. Takut mama dan papa marah. Haha.

    Yah hor. As long as kepoh on good things. I have to remind her not to keep on telling teacher about all the wrong things her friends did though cos nobody likes a tell tale. Hahaha.

    Hahaha. You are right. I think girls more kaypoh than boys.

  6. haha..she sounds like my girl, vy kpc in school oso..looks like she improves alot

  7. jazzmint,
    I wonder if all girls are kpc. Haha.


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