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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My kids' babysitter

My kids' babysitter is rather square but she has a way with kids. She is very loud but sometimes when I am around, she will be softer. She can really make the kids laugh too. They love her. She can really capture their attention. Sometimes she sings and sometimes she tells stories and jokes. Did I say that the kids love her? Well, they do.

They love to listen to her and watch her. She is really quite useful to have around especially when I am very busy. She has a way of keeping the kids very quiet. I guess it is because they are so enraptured by her.

They are so captivated by her that sometimes they even ask for her when I am around. Sometimes they want to see her again and again even when they've just seen her. In fact, she's here, entertaining the kids again, even as I write this. I can hear her singing again in her loud voice and the kids are singing along with her, singing and clapping too!

Well, I guess they've been with her long enough today, so I have to go and turn her off now. ;)


  1. Every household has got a babysitter like yours. :)

  2. huh? are you referring to your maid as the baby sitter?

  3. Hmm... as I read on, i thought you're referring to a TV set? kekeke..no offence here if I guess wrongly... :P

  4. boy, your kids' babysitter sound so much like ashley's ;)

  5. It seems she has already a babbysitter. This post give my memories back to 13 years ago. I've ever had FIRED someone because she was to close to my kid. I was so jelous at that moment. maybe because I was a new mom, still young, maybe..hehe. After that I never had babysitter again, only maid for the households stuff. But don't be interfered by my story. It's only my experience..:)

  6. elaine,
    Hehe. You guessed it!

    No, its the idiot box, the tv set.

    Yes, its the TV set.

    mommy to chumsy,
    My kids' babysitter's name is Panasonic. Whats yours? Hahaha.

    Its the TV with a VCD in it. lol.

    My kids' main babysitter is me but when I'm busy the other babysitter, the TV, takes over!

  7. I do agree with you. The tv does makes my son sit down.Hahaha..Sometimes, he even tell us he 1 2 stay at home while everyone goes out.

  8. sabrina,
    Wuah, your son's babysitter more geng than mine. At least mine still wants to go out.... for now. Haha.

  9. LOL !!!! A great babysitter ya!


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