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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Little Emcee

My girl was the English Emcee for her kindy concert. Preparation for this role began during the last week before the middle or last term school holidays began. After the school holidays, she had to stay back in school 3 times a week to practise. It was like having a free speech and drama class. Haha.

She had five pages of text to memorize. Even though she was the English Emcee, she also had Chinese and Malay speaking parts too. The words used were really bombastic and difficult to pronounce. I wish they wouldn't do that but I guess the kindy wanted to show how "good" the kids were.

We practised really hard for months. First she had to memorise her part, then she had to learn how to pronounce the words, then she had to practise some hand gestures and expressions, then I had to explain to her what those big, big words meant. As suggested by the principal, we even got her a mike to practise getting used to speaking with one. Then we had to build her confidence by giving her lots and lots of positive talk, love, support and encouragement.

We were afraid that she would be afraid on the concert day and instead of boosting her confidence it would put a dent in it. Daddy couldn't sleep the night before from worry. Haha. But although she was afraid (she said so), it didn't show. She spoke with confidence to a crowd of 300 plus adults and really enjoyed herself on that day. Phew! We're glad thats over. After the concert, she got lots of treats and goodies from daddy to reward her for working so hard and being so brave. Hehe.

Congratulations sweetie pie. You did well.


  1. well done well done *muaks muaks*

  2. little lamb,
    You are fast with your comment. You must have just been passing by when I posted this up. Hehe.

  3. Good job....
    Congart for your little girl and the mother :)

  4. henny,
    Thank you. It was a big hurdle for us. Hehe.

  5. U must have felt so proud the moment she was giving her speech :) well done to ur daugther!

  6. Decided to add this blog of yours to my reading list as well!

    Wah....good for your little girl!

  7. leeyen,
    Yes, I felt proud of her but I think every parent there felt proud even if all the kid did was stand on the stage and cry. :) Watching them perform in a concert kindy just reminds us that they are growing up so very fast, right before our very eyes.

    Thank you. :)

  8. It's really not easy to speak in front of so many people. You must be very proud of her achievement.

  9. Well done! YOu must be very very proud of her right? :) They're really growing very fast huh...time really flies...

  10. good job. born public speaker huh ;)

  11. fussy mum,
    Yes, I am very proud of her.

    Yes, it seems like just yesterday, when she said her first word!

    Not born. She had to work really hard at it and so did we to help her overcome her shyness. Haha.


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