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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Year End School Holiday Program

Its the school holidays again and as usual the kids look forward to their "Home School Holiday Program" or "Home Lessons". "When can we start our home lessons?" they ask eagerly.

To start off our "Home Lessons" we had to first set up our room. Hehe. We had gotten a new shelf for their books which had grown so much it was exploding our own shelves. I think its the "Billy" bookcase from Ikea. I put it together on the 2nd day of the school holidays and I was taken aback to find that the back of the bookcase was made of cardboard! Hmmm..... Cardboard! A thin piece of wood would have sufficed but cardboard! I hadn't noticed it when I saw the shelf at the store. It had looked so nice then. Hmmm...

Anyway, we put it up and I got the kids to sort their books ie which books belong to whom. There were 3 shelves. I designated a shelf for each of them and the last was a shared one. Then I got them to put their own books on their own shelves and to decorate it a little bit. They were more than eager to help. Finally we put their name label stickers on the shelves to stake ownership. Hahaha.

In the evening, we drew up their school holiday program timetable. There would be daily reading in Chinese for the Girl and English for the boy. The girl wanted to have two mornings dedicated to Arts and Craft but I managed to negotiate it to just one morning. Then we included English, Malay, Science, Moral and Maths Lesson plus another morning for "Computer Lessons" and we were done.

Each day goes something like this: Breakfast, Lesson, Lesson, Lunch, Reading, Nap, Dinner, Playtime. Then the girl decorated the timetable with glitters and hearts and we stuck it on the whiteboard with magnets.

OMG! I think I've been overly ambitious. Now, I won't have time for anything else. Help! Hahaha.


  1. how wonderful...

    i can only afford to do that with my boys on weekend as i am not a SAHM :(

  2. haha...yes, absolutely ambitious!
    You know, I just want to ask you this "So..Where's the time for yourself, dear MG?" before finally I read the last sentence :)
    Anyway, good luck!

  3. Ai-Ling,
    Its very time consumming but the kids enjoy it very much so I make myself do this for them even though there are other things to do.

    In between lessons "teacher" can walk in and out of the class (to blog) can't she? Hahaha.

  4. whoa...looks like it's a busy holidays

  5. amazing...firstly i am FTWM and i am just going crzy just getting them to stay off TV.

    Have fun and a good holiday.
    BTW, let me know when doing the family tree... keen on that but just want some ideas.


  6. jazzmint,
    Very busy indeed but I'll miss them when they go to school.

    Oh, I'm not doing any family tree with them.


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