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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madagascar 2 : Not a Review

The first day of the school holidays saw us heading towards the cinema to watch Madagascar 2.

The kids had been looking forward to this (going to the cinema) for so long. Ever since their first time in the cinema for Kungfu Panda, they've been waiting to go again. Previously we went last minute so we only managed to get really lousy tickets on the 2nd front row. Ouch! My neck!

This time we made sure we got better tickets. We also promised the kids some snacks. Its just so thrilling to be able to watch and snack at the same time. They decided to go for coke and cheezels.

I think they enjoyed the coke and cheezels more than the show. Hahaha. They were busy munching and drinking away and when my hand dipped into the boy's bag of cheezels, he protested loudly.......

"Mummy, why you eat so much, I eat so little, you eat so much, afterwards I no more already!"

Hahaha. So whats the verdict: The kids agreed that they enjoyed Kungfu Panda more.

So, in the end, the kids enjoyed their coke and cheezels, Mr MG and I enjoyed the kids and I think the maid enjoyed the show most of all as I could hear her laughing in many scenes. lol. Its her first time to a cinema and she has a really delicious sense of humour. Anything can set her going. :)


  1. havent bring jeriel to see yet...

    same with jeriel, when he go to movie, what he likes the most is the popcorn

  2. LOL.....your maid, your maid!

    And lo and behold mummy, soon you may have to get your own packet of cheezels and have 2 littel hands sneaking into it!

  3. channel,
    Ever since I read somewhere about a kid choking on popcorn and it being a possible choking risk (although that case must have been a freak accident), I dare not let my kids try popcorn. I sked the kernels stuck together or too big or they greedy stuff everything in the mouth in the dark. So I mai buy cheezels loh.

    Haha. Yes. They have already started negotiating. Next time we want Sprite and Twisters (Twisties) AND cheezels mummy. Showtime in the cinema is the only time they get approval to eat these junk food you see.


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