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Monday, November 03, 2008

Exam Stress of a 6 year old kid

"Mummy, I'm scared teacher will scold me."
Its okay sweetie, you just do your best.

"Mummy, I'm afraid I don't know how to answer."
You have studied very hard. I am sure you will know some answers. Don't worry about those you don't know ok?

"Mummy, teacher scolded me because I showed my answer to my friend."
You can't do that. In a test, you are not supposed to look at your friend's answer and you can't show them your answers either alright?

Poor kid! Haha. Anyway, I explained to my girl that this test is just an introduction to them on what to expect in a real test in big school in the future.

In this kindy test, the teacher arranged the chairs and tables like in a real test. There is a syllabus and the kids are evaluated on 6 subjects. English, Malay, Chinese, Math, Moral and Science. The teacher gives them guidance if she sees that they have trouble or need help during the test. According to my girl, they can also ask the teacher questions if they are not sure about something.

And there is no time limit to finish the paper. The kids get to take their time to complete all the questions. If they can't finish it, they can even continue after tea break. Hahaha. My girl told me she was the second to complete her English paper and the second last to finish her Chinese paper. (I had to wait more than half an hour after school for her to finish her Chinese test paper.) lol. I had to remind her that speed does not mean good and vice versa.

Well test is over now and school is out in 2 weeks time. Whats ahead? School trip, Maths Competition, Piano Recital (with mommy), Class Party. Isn't it fun to be a kid? Just the other day my girl told me that its fun to be a kid. I agreed with her and said that I wanted to be a kid too. Hahaha.


  1. Brings back my own old memories of being a kid, sitting for my test =) But I never worried of not knowing how to do it, maybe my parents didn't really stress the importance of tests last time =)

    It's good that your daughter is enjoying her time and not stressed out for academic achievements =)

  2. yin mei,
    Oh dear. Maybe I had overstressed the importance of it. hahaha.

  3. your girl is soo mature the way she talk to you...


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