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Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Caring Boy

I have written about how affectionate my little boy is and this is another example of it.

One night I was really sleepy but the kids were still wide awake (from having had too good an afternoon nap). So I gave them a sticker book each and asked them to sit on my bed with me to play because I was too tired to chat with or read to them.

My boy wanted me to help him stick his marvel characters which he couldn't find so I sleepily found and stuck them for him. Stick. Stick. Stick. He hugged me tight and said......

"Are you okay mummy? Nevermind mummy, I hug hug you."

Then we stuck a few more marvel bad guys. Stick. Stick. Stick. I started to yawn till my eyes filled with tears. He wiped my eyes and said........

"Nevermind mummy, I wipe your eyes for you."

Then we stuck some marvel good guys. Stick. Stick. Stick. I yawned some more. He clamped my mouth close together and said....

"Nevermind mummy, I close your mouth for you."



  1. LOL!! that's very cute of your boy :)

  2. so sweet of your little boy. I'm sure u feel so warm right? :)

  3. when you finally close your eyes and nap, he say:"mommy, I help you open your eye."

  4. contentedmom,
    I get a dose of that almost daily from my superglue. Hahaha.

    He's always like that. Very affectionate.

    At the time, I felt warm AND sleepy. Hahaha.

    Hahahahaha. Thats a good one. I heard that you have good news? Congratulations if its true. You know I can't read chinese lah. Hehe.

  5. Awww...so heartwarming...he's so sweet...:)

  6. His a such a sensitive & caring new age boy! Very sweet :)

  7. blurblur,
    He is huggly and sticky like that right from the time he was a baby.

    I think they're new age only right till before their teens. After that they may revert to old age. Haha.


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