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Monday, February 21, 2005

Duck mania!

Toddler: "Mummy, I want to choose the duck." (said eagerly)
MG: "Ok. Choose. Choose." (said with a hint of impatience)
Toddler: (*shuffle*shuffle*shuffle*) "Cannot find the duck, mummy." (in a rather sad voice)
MG: "How about the chicken then?" (in a cheerful voice)
Toddler: "I want the duck" (sulking, not giving up)
MG: "Look, this one got mushroom." (in the most persuasive voice)
Toddler: "I want the duck" (who r u trying to kid???)

No, MG and toddler was not haggling about what to eat for lunch but rather which diaper (pattern) toddler should put on.

Toddler is in a duck craze mood for now. She must wear clothes with a duck motive, play with duck stickers, sing duck songs (eg: "Old McDonald had a farm..... he had a duck...."), watch Donald duck, play with duck finger puppets, read duck stories etc etc. The only exception is she won't eat duck. She's still very picky with her food.

Hmm... I wonder what the next craze will be. Not boys, I hope!


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