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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mad Post

On Sunday evening I was mad at something someone said to me.

I kept on thinking about it and as I thought about it I got madder and madder.

Then I started to think about all the responses I should have said to that person and I got even madder and madder.

That made me stop enjoying everything around me and oh boy that got me very mad.

I stopped enjoying my kids and I remained very mad.

Then I got mad at myself for being so annoyed at something so inconsequential and for ruining my own evening so I got madder and madder still.

Negative thoughts can fester if I allow it to. I can control how my days turn out by just trying to change the way I think from negative to positive. It takes practise to think postitively and I am still practising the art.

My blog helps. Blogging helps me put my day into a postive mode. Writing about positive stuff sets of the positive train of thoughts going and the positive chain reaction that follows. So as far as possible I will refrain from ranting, raving and venting here.


  1. Hi Everyone, Please leave your comments here. Thanks.

  2. yalor..blog really help alot for us to express feeling ahh..especially for ppl like..so manything to talk about but nobody willing to hear it around me...~sigh~

  3. I admire your attitude..will learn from you - just spread the goodness yah?

    ..nice smileys...!

  4. Hahahaha, mad, madder, maddest. But with blog, my mind sometimes start working out the way to blog it and tend to be less mad with the whole issue. Good way to relieve our mind.

  5. oii...I baru came out from this madness wor.
    but the smilly faces really cool.

  6. msau, you can "talk" as much as you want on your blog, I come and "hear" what you have to say ok?

  7. ET, on the blog, negative turn to positive... thunderstorm makes way for rainbow.

    5XMom, Go blog, blog and blog summore. Good for you. A blog a day keeps the head doctor away.

    twinsmom, your thunderstorm over adi mah, now rainbow and sunshine liao.


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