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Thursday, February 03, 2005

There is beauty all around us....

Update on baby and toddler's development milestones.

Every now and then, I like to record down baby and toddler's development so I can refer to them later and smile.

One of the best parts of being a parent is to watch your child progress and grow right before your very eyes.

Toddler is at the Questioning stage. "What's this?" is her favourite question. It gives me the perfect opportunity to talk to her and teach her. She has also recently learned how to use the word "because" so she would ask herself questions and answer with a "because". Recently she asked herself "Why is it dark dark?" then she answered "BECAUSE it is not bright bright!"

Baby is easily amused. He laughs easily. Just play a game of hide and seek or peek-a-boo with him or call out his name when you walk past him and he will laugh aloud with such glee. He makes me feel like an award winning stand-up comedian.

Baby is now at the Scanning stage. It is lovely to watch him. Everytime we go to a new place his eyes will dart everywhere and he will stare and stare at his new surroundings in wonder. If I am carrying him upright he will turn his head this way and that to try to look over my left or right shoulder as if annoyed that I am blocking his view.

If I give baby anything to hold, he will examine it with great care, turning it this way and that and passing it from hand to hand. To a baby, there is so much to see, feel and learn. As he is getting more and more aware of his surroundings he is seeing lots and lots of things for the first time, the colours and wonders of the world around us.

As adults we have forgotten to "see" the wonders around us. Most days we just give a flitting glance and everything around us passes by in a hurried blur.

Have you stopped to admire the wonders around you today? Photo taken from MG's window.

Sunrise I


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