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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Glossary of terms found on blogosphere in Bolehland

Someone asked me "Is kembang a verb or a noun, adjective? I need to know what it is to be able to kembang or get kembang or ...make pple kembang ..er....how to use."

That made me realise that since I started having a blog, I have learned quite a few new terms previously unknown to me or unheard of. I have compiled them here for easy reference. They're by no means complete because I'm still learning, so please feel free to correct me or make any additions or edits like in a Wikipedia :-) I've learned a lot from the young people, but some of the orang tua-tua taught me quite a few terms too.

Learned these from Twinsmom:

PIP - Pee In Pants (best used to indicate laughing very hard eg laugh until PIP liao)
MCAP - My Cina Ah Pek
CAS - Cina Ah Soh
HYT - Handsome Young Thing (opposite of SYT or Sweet Young Thing)
Bone Gas - Literal translation of Cantonese term "Guat Hei" eg. "mo guat hei" means no backbone, lame or of weak character.

Learned these from 5XMom:

Kembang - Proud as a Peacock or full of pride
ATM - refers to spouse who is the breadwinner
SHART - Shit while farting
KKC - Kamera Kesayangan Cina-Ah-Soh
Chey - To express praise for oneself eg "Chey, not bad lar me" Can also be used to express disgust. Eg. "Chey! Why u so like dat wan."
Choy - An expression to sweep away bad luck eg "Choy, how can you say dat?"
mya - mine or in Malay punya eg "lu mya pasal" (Its all your fault)
uwek - Puking sound
P.S. 5XMom please correct me if I misspelt your terms lar. You got no search box at your blog and I cannot remember all mah.

Didn't know these were spelt this way:

Oso - also
Dat - that
Lar - lah
Okie - OK
Wat - what
Izzit - Is it?
Blardy - bloody
Dang - damn!
Oledi - already
Adi - already
Abuden - Ah... but then
Wan - one
Farnee - funny
Summore - some more
Oh Marn - Oh man!
kenot - cannot
Dunno - Don't know

Some other expressive terms:

Fuiyhoh - Used to express admiration
Aisehman - Sigh!
Chey wah - Almost the same meaning as Chey
Hor - Right?
Liao - Same meaning as adi or oledi
Muahahahaha - Indicating loud and hearty laugh
Khihkhikhikhi - To express a sarcastic or mocking laugh

Some abbreviations:

OIC - Oh I see
KPC - Kay Poh Chee (busybody)

More terms I just learned. Thanks for the contribution Eyeris.

Wahlauwei! - To express surprise or 'Wahlau-ness' of something
Bleh - To express disgust, or to show someone you have a very long tongue
Cis - To express disdain (also, see CEH)
Ceh - To express indifference/disdain. Best used with a hand waving dismissively at something (synonym: BAH!)
Jia-lat - To be in big trouble (Usage: Aiyor, accident! This time jia-lat liao lor.!)

My definations on the above may not be very clear, so here's an example of the usage.

Blogger : Eh, you should blog lar.
Friend: Tell me more....
Blogger: Can be kpc. Read people's blog blardy farnee wan. Sometimes read until want to PIP liao. Fuiyhoh, I tell you hor, some of the CAS blog about their MCAP, ATM or even KKC, if not careful read adi can SHART!. Dunno why, sometimes summore got some HYT or SYT think the CAS got no bone gas, kenot take what CAS blog about, Wah dat time, like war only on the comments board. Choy! Like dat oso can wan. Uwek! Khihkhikhikhi.
Friend: I'm not keen.....
Blogger: Chey! Why you so like dat wan. Dang!
Friend: I have no time....
Blogger: OIC. Izzit? Aisehman you don't know what you're missing. Sometimes got interesting comment dat time hor, chey wah, Oh Marn, feel so kembang oledi. Muahahahaha.
Friend: Really?
Blogger: Aisehman, too bad lar. Abuden you should try it one day.
Friend: Maybe I will try soon...
Blogger: Okie.


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