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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentine's Day story

Wife: "Where's my present?" (smiling and looking hopeful)
Husband: "What present?" (looking puzzled)
Wife: "Eh, you forgot adi ah, today is Valentine's Day!" (a bit dissapointed but still smiling)
Husband: "Oh yah sorry darling. Happy Valentine's Day." (looking sheepish)
Wife: "So? What are we doing today?" (a little bit annoyed but still trying to smile)
Husband: "Huh? Must do something wan ah?" (still looking puzzled)
Wife: "You are soooooo unromantic. You men are all the same. Once get the girl adi, romance all gone liao." (smile disappearing)
Husband: "Hehe" (trying to smile)
Wife: "We just got married today izzit? So many years adi, you every year oso the same one. Never plan anything." (no more smile)
Husband: "But who's going to take care of the kids?" (still puzzled)
Wife: "Can't you arrange for a babysitter so that we can spend some quality time together? Its been ages since we've even had a proper conversation, not to mention spend some time together, just the two of us." (looking quite annoyed now)
Husband: "How to arrange babysitter? I've got no one in my family, your family all busy and surely we don't want to leave them with strangers." ( not looking puzzled anymore). "If you are so keen than why don't YOU arrange for a babysitter." (now looking a little bit annoyed)
Wife: "Why do I have to be the one to do it? Everything oso I must do" (mumbles angrily to herself)
Husband: "What do you mean everything oso you must do. I am the one who has to work all day and come back must do housework summore!" (looking annoyed now)
Wife: "Oh so what you do is work lah and what I'm doing is NOT work. You think I goyang kaki all day lah izziyt! (voice getting louder)
Husband: "You blog all day! Never look after my babies" (sounding fed-up)
(Husband & Wife talking in raised voices now and children crying in the background from the commotion and no one bothers to pick them up)
Wife: "You see! Its so noisy around here. 365 days a year I have to deal with this and today no different. I have no life around here!" (shaking from anger now)
Husband: "What do you mean you have no life. You are the one who chose to stay at home with the kids!" (looking exasperated and very annoyed)
Wife: "Yah but you always work so late ..... blah...blah....blah" (brings up other issues not related to current V-day argument)
Husband: "I can't believe I'm hearing this. What about you? You are so.... blah, blah, blah...." (brings up unrelated issues)

Uh oh.... day of love turned into day of disappointment, anger, hurt liao! (in an argument usually most people bring up history, future etc etc all unrelated to the original argument. You'd be surprised what your partner says or thinks when revealed in an argument!)

Hehe is that what happened at MG's home? No lar....

Here's what actually happened.

MG got to sleep in till 9.30am and got woken up by Mr MG who had already changed and fed toddler her milk.

Mr MG: Kiss kiss. Happy Valentine's Day hon. I made breakfast.
MG: (Big Smile) Wah! Got breakfast.
(This is BIG man. Because Mr MG the man, does not cook. He can't even differentiate between onions and garlic. He can't even fry an egg. The only thing he can cook is Mee Maggi Curry, no other brand or flavour will do. MG taught him to eat Indomie Goreng but he doesn't even know how to cook that one! So of course thats what we had for breakfast. Haha.)

After breakfast we, all four of us ie together with baby and toddler when to pak tor at shopping mall. (I'm surprised to read about so many other people pak toing at shopping mall! If got kids like us, nvm lah got to entertain kids but those youngsters got no place to go one meh?) We had a nice time just walking around doing and buying nothing in particular. Its quite rare that we jalan-jalan without rushing around with some shopping purpose in mind.

Toddler saw the heart shaped balloons around and wanted one.
Toddler: "I want balloon, balloon, mummy."
Out of sight of toddler MG went to secretly ask vendor: "How much is that balloon?"
Vendor: "RM18."
MG: Okie (then quickly runs off, wah so expensive and "yat fatt" (18) summore for Chinese New Year izzit. Surelah the vendor will fatt (8) from fleecing all the sweethearts.
MG to toddler: "No. no balloon for you sweetie. You've got lots of toys at home. Lets go help mummy choose some photoframes for the Gong Xi Fa Cai photo of you and baby to give to kong kong/grandpa." (distraction is a great way to divert a tantrum)

At the same stall a man was rebuking his daughter
Man: "No! You can't have the balloon. Its for mummy. "
Daugther: "I want balloooooonn.... "
Man: "SIT! SIT DOWN!" (growls at daughter)
(Poor kid! I thought V-day was day of love? Oops! I shouldn't be so judgemental on the man. Sometimes children do need to be taught that not everything revolves around them.)

Later in the day MG decided to cook dinner for Mr MG since he made breakfast. Just as we sat down to eat, baby wailed so MG has to get up to attend to baby. Just as Mr MG was about to eat, toddler decides to throw a BIG tantrum because she wanted to drink F&N Orange before her dinner. Cried so hard till she threw up on the carpet. The first time she did that and what a memorable day to choose to do it.

Well after we finished our meal (at last!) Mr MG laid on the floor while his family gave him a massage. MG taught baby to pummel daddy's biceps with his little fist while toddler scratched the other arm (well trained by MG adi from young to help mummy)

All in all a very nice day indeed. A day that could easily have turned out like the mock scenario I painted above. (Sorry if I offended any ladies from the stereotyping. Its just mock, make believe lah! I couldn't resist the tongue-in-cheek "You blog all day" part though. Hehe.)

Life is what we make it out to be. I choose to view my cup as half full not half empty. I am happy NOW, not "later when......." Will blog more about this "Happy NOW" concept another day.


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