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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Today... I lost my....

  • dictionary
  • recipe book
  • pc game
  • radio
  • directory
  • blog
  • toddler's games

Aiseh.... MG must be getting old liao.....

Pssst... actually my streamyx was out. So if I haven't been visiting your blog you know why lor... I'll come over later..... when I can find the time. Too much time was spent today trying to get the pc in order again.


  1. If cannot handle,just sent it to the technicians.give them some job to do.but if its your stream-my-ass problem,then that you have to wait,wait,wait and tunggu,tunggu and tunggu until it is fixed. :) good luck

  2. alamak! no wander no see you today lar, send my regards to your streamyx, hope he get well soon hor :pPpPp

  3. Jason, twinsmom, technicians came and left adi. Quite fast hor?

  4. kesian.. life without broadband is hard. esp for bloggers and blog readers @_@.. hope your streamyx gets well soon kekeke

  5. Last time my house streamyx got problem, we complain so many time then the technician come and go finally about 3 month settle :P

  6. Munkit, my streamyx well adi but now my babies unwell.

    1+2mom, Wah! 3 months. I think I die liao without broadband.

  7. Your blogger comments board hanged for several days liao, I cannot post (as also in other bloggers site). And I get a pop-up advert too. I thought you got robbed or something. Guan lai only no streamyx. Sked me only.

  8. Choi! Choi! No robbers, only no broadband lah..


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