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Saturday, February 26, 2005


I'm having a toothache but thats the least of my worries.

I'm worried about all my babies (so what else is new?). Baby No1. (Mr MG) is away doing something he'd really rather not be doing. Sigh! Poor Baby.

Baby No2 (ie the real baby in the house) is down with fever. On and off, on and off. Poor baby. I'm stuck at home without a car so I'm a bit worried his fever will be high. I keep on checking his temperature. Poor baby must be wondering what mummy is doing sticking something under his arm every hour. Sigh! Guess who won't be having much sleep tonight.

Then theres Baby No3 (toddler) who is feeling just a little jealous about all the attention Baby No2 is getting. She too wants to have her temperature taken and wants to take medicine! (And to think of all the times when she was ill and I had to force the medicine down her throat. Maybe next time I will pretend to give it to baby!)

So, here is Baby No 4 (MG), feeling all disorientated, uncomfortable (time of month summore), worried and ahh.... yes...the toothache. I thought I was writing about toothache? I AM feeling disoriented, can't you tell?

Note: Baby No4 needs some babying and TLC now but must go and baby all the other babies first.


  1. on and off fever.. i assume you've brought the baby to see a doc ah? had better if you haven.

    looks like this is very much harder than studying.

    MG take care..

  2. Wah...I hate tootaches and I HATE dentists. I hate dentist, I hate dentist...Ooopsss....I forgot, back to MG's blog. Let baby sleeps in an airy room with minimal clothings, no blanket. And if you feel baby too hot, feel free to sponge a bit. PCM given? No vomitting? No lau sai? For you, do you have any ponstan at home? Those blue/yellow capsules for period pain wan? Try taking and see? Or milder ache, Panadol also helps. *signed, Dr Quack*

  3. I HATE dentist!
    but I love my tooth, have to love them, otherwise they will make me miserable.
    hope baby no.4 get well soon, need to pull teeth?

  4. Munkit, no transport lah, and weekend doc office closed. :-(

    Dear Dr Quack, I tried all that you suggested..... and now I got blocked duct to add to my woes! He he. Not your fault lah. I think it must be because baby slept on me (Err... Baby No2 not Baby No1).

    Twinsmon, you wait hor, I tell you my teeth story soon.

  5. Hey.. mumsgather,
    Sorry to hear about the illness going around your children.. :(
    I know how tough it is.. :( and i only have one..!!
    Take care and get well soon.. :)

  6. I very scare dentist! So i very takecare of my kids teeth.Takecare yourself, hope you get well soon.

  7. Mrs T, only the real baby is sick, the rest unhappy that he is... poor baby...

    Et, Yee? Got ppl sayang Baby No4 summore ah...sooo good.

    1+2mom, thanks. no more toothache liao.

  8. my mom, when she was younger, she had a terrible toothache. It was so painful and she was so fed up and frustrated, so she asked the dentist to pull all her teeth out!! All the teeth in the top row! I bet she regretted her drastic action, but it solved her problem, ain't it.

    take care :)

  9. Papi, Ouch! I guess it was too painful for your mum, and all she wanted was to have them removed then! Poor thing.


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