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Friday, February 18, 2005

Scenes of Chinese New Year I

Pretty Lanterns all in a row. Looks even better at night.

I love the way the city lights up during each festive season. We're lucky we celebrate so many festivals.

On the 3rd evening of Chinese New Year, we took baby and toddler for a car ride to see KL by night. Actually, we were more thrilled to watch the lights then the kids. Toddler was busy singing songs in the car while baby was busy looking at toddler. Only MG "Oooohhed" and "Aaahhhed".

We drove passed the KL clubbing and night scene. (a scene we once frequented) It was very pretty, the street was all lighted up in blues and looked like a fairyland. On certain streets, the lanterns were strung side by side with some lighted ketupats. Even the decorations are "Muhibbah" (depicting racial tolerance). We stopped at the Dataran Merdeka and got down to admire the lighted courthouse. Too bad I did not have my camera with me then. Maybe another time........


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