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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Switching back to Blogger Comments

"Blogger News

Comments Revisited
Good news everyone! We've updated the way comments work. Among the many improvements are pop-up windows for comments and the ability for commenters to fill in their name and web site info—no Blogger account needed.

– Biz [2/10/2005 05:06:00 PM]"

Blogger has recently updated their commenting system and thanks to Mdmafia and Narrowband for bringing to my attention that you lose your old comments after a few months under the Haloscan free basic account unless you pay to upgrade, I have decided to reinstall my old blogger commenting system. Narrowband has even put up a very detailed step by step guide here on how to reinstall blogger comments for your blog. Unfortunately, like Jason, I only saw it after I tried it out myself... the hard way! Thanks anyway Narrowband.

Previously I had switched to Haloscan because those without a blogger account will find it difficult to leave comments but now they can. In addition, the commenter has the option to delete their comments if they wish. Just click on the trashcan. I will also get email notification of any comments. Most importantly, I don't have to lose my comments and I don't have to pay :-P (Psst.. I too kiamsiap, don't want to pay for my own domain, unlike some people, person or mysterious individual. All reasons for me why I should switch back to blogger. I lose my trackback function though, but thats no big deal to me.

For the time being, I am keeping the Haloscan comments as I do not want to lose those comments since they cannot be imported into the blogger system at this time. Don't want to lose my cream mah. Like I mentioned to Narrowband, I blog for myself but comments are like the icing to the cake. Its fun to read comments, gives me more motivation to blog. Want to eat cake must wallop the icing too right?

So for visitors to my blog, please leave your comments on the blogger system instead of the Haloscan one. I have already started the ball rolling. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for taking time to comment.


  1. Hello visitors. Please leave your comments here. Thank you.

  2. Jason was here. :) Been busy with my studying for next week exam.Still got no time to read all your post.Give me some time yeah!Me got weird habit abit,have to read from post #1 to the recent post only will bloglink.A sign of respect,I think.

  3. good good.. i lurve blogger commenting system coz can show ppl my scary face :P

  4. wah...seems like everyone also swift liao, wait until I got plenty of time baru install my blogger comment back.

    sked the shit out of me man this MunKit! what mutant is this?

  5. seems like lotsa of my blogger friends have already started to move. i need to make mine as well.

  6. Jason, take your time, study first, study first!

    Munkit, (*shiver*) suddenly its very cold around here. Aiyoh, got two of you summore. Sked loh!!!

    Twinsmom, Hazel, Very easy one. Basically just copy and paste two tags, I think they call it tags into your template and hey presto its done but preview first lah before you save to make sure everything is ok.

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