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Friday, August 12, 2005

Do You Read Comments?

To me comments are very much part of a post and I usually read the post followed by all the comments by the blog readers as well as the reply by the blogger. Comments expands on the original post and sometimes you get additional insight on the blogger's thoughts on the subject. So I would read a post from start to finish and read the comments as well before I comment. If I'm too busy to read the whole post and do speed reading by just skimming through, then I don't comment.

I like comments because they are:

  1. sometimes full of humour
  2. sometimes a serious discussion
  3. sometimes a heated argument.

They're all interesting to read.

I don't like comments which are:
  1. spam (don't be too happy if you receive a comment which says "Good Post.... blah blah blah...." It is usually followed by some link inviting you to their website. And you'd probably find the same comment on just about every other blog you read.)
  2. comments by people who have obviously not read the whole post. Sometimes its glaringly obvious but they don't even realise it as their main aim perhaps is to comment for the sake of commenting and invite people over to read their blog in return. They would probably leave the same comment on each and every blog they visit. (Sigh! What some people would do to get some traffic.)

I don't mind comments which are:

  1. short and sweet, even just a smiley will do. I'm happy to acknowledge that you've taken the time to read my ramblings. I like to know whose reading my blog so don't be a silent reader. Give me a smiley!
  2. long and insightful. I'm happy for those too. I would never say "Hey... if you have such a long comment go write your own post and trackback to mine" No, I won't. I love comments, long or short. So, long comments are welcome on my blog too.

So, to all my blog readers and commentors, thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for all your comments. Have a nice day!

Pssst... 3 posts from me this morning. Must be the haze. (*Yah! Blame everything on the haze*)


  1. Comments make you feel less like you're writing in a vacuum, I guess. And that's the whole point of having a public blog isn't it?

  2. i had a comment from some joker the other day... "beauty pics!"... & i'd posted pics of how bad the haze here is.

    my take is, if you have nothing appropriate/good to say, don't bother leaving a comment.

    by saying my haze pics are beautiful, i get the impression that this person thinks haze is good.

  3. If I like the rant or there is a connection into me I will surely comment.Sometimes I don't comment but I sure read the stuff I like.

  4. I like to read comments too! Sometimes, I also have the fear of... don't know who is reading my blog....but never mind lah as my blog doesn't have much traffic!:)

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Jay, otherwise we'd be talking to ourselves. ;) Its the exchange of opinions and ideas that make it even more fun.

    lynnee, Beauty pics???!! of haze? Oh my. This I gotta see. I'll check out your post soon lynnee.

    thquah, birds of a feather flock together so do people too. Like you, I usually comment when I can relate to what the blogger had to say.

    Jefferene, Yee? You noticed the link ah? ;)

  6. i hv one fella, keeps being sarcastic to me. i taruh the fella back. muahahhahaha

  7. Heys, i've been a silent reader for quite some time already. Currently doing the final year of my pharmacy degree in Scotland. If you remembered Ginnie, i'm her coursemate ;) Love reading your posts...hehe

  8. One more type of comment that I dislike. The commentor got irked by someone else comments, never read what I blog and started a flame pulak. These people's brain is really too small, cannot absorb the original post and instead simply hentam me, the blogger when it was another person, the other commentor who quoted something. *ish*

    So, I do get very fed-up because my original point of view is taken out of context, and they put words into my mouth. Later on, a few more commentors will come in and further tear everything apart.

    In the end, I sendiri kena tanggung because of some small brain 2nd commentor.

    (aiyah, MG said can leave long, long comment mah, so I mah write long long lor)

  9. Oli, Hahaha. Good one. Taruh balik 99.

    sv, Hello. Of course I remember Ginnie. Wow, next time I got ppl to ask abt medications. :P

    5Xmom, Ya lor. I've seen you write something else. Someone comes and leave a comment which starts a flame war and you kena blame pulak! Tsk! Tsk!

  10. kesian nyer....i agree with MG AND 5xmom. eh...wat u all talking abt ar? ;p


  11. Since you like comments so much, I'm leaving you one. Bwahahahah! But seriously, I think comments breath life into blogs. Imagine writing a blog and not having anyone interact with you or what you write. That would be quite sad.

  12. Yvy, you go and read all her post, than you'll know ler.

    James, thanks for biting the bait of my "fishing for comments" post. Hahaha.

  13. emm...I love to read long long comment too, more communicate mah, also reading the regulars' comment make me feel warm--hei, she/he remember what I like/don't like! what a bliss :).

  14. mm..fishing for comments indeed. Actually this is my first visit to your blog. Agree with much fo what you say though. Its really writing for the audience and getting feedback.

  15. Just to let u know I read ur blog everyday. cheers :D

  16. keke... i am out of topic pulak.. :p

    yeah loh.. received similar comments which twinsmom called them "money face" comments in my blog too.. i never "T" them.. keke

  17. twinsmom, you always try to remember what I like/don't like (*bliss*)

    MrsB :)

    Belachan, Wah! So many smileys. Woohoo!

    Yee Wei, Hi. Welcome to my blog. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'm writing for the audience and getting feedback but because I know its a public blog, I do write a little differently than I would a private journal. I try to be a little more positive and have less rants and thats really worked out very good for me personally. I love blogs!

    shiaulin, Cheers! Yes, I saw the money face comment on your blog too.

  18. Without anyone leaving any comments, it will feel like talking to a brick wall.

    Comments also add to a thought-provoking discussion sometimes.

    I am all for comments!

  19. hahah... next time i also must learn from you how to write a fish-for-comment post!

  20. egghead, and if I don't reply to ppl's comments then I make them feel like they are talking to a brick wall, so I try to reply if I can though sometimes I take up to 3 days and thats a bit long I think the commentor also forgotten they have commented because there's so many blogs to read out there!

    dg, you want lessons? I charge on an hourly basis. Hahaha.

    matakecil, :) back to you. "Everyone smiles in the same language." Cheers!

  21. come to think of it, the comments dropped on one's blog can be quite a motivational force - that keeps that blogger blogging.

    well of course, that depends - some who really, really "blog for self", then maybe the comments don't affect anything.

    but for me, and i can safely say, for most of the bloggers too, comments are very much a driving force, like 'fuel' that keeps ur blog going. Of course i have my readers to thank, like you MG :D

  22. narrowband, I think most of us blog for ourselves but even then, its nice to get some feedback, yes?


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